Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Five Days of Fun

Still no's dead. Sigh.

Day 1 (Friday):
Left from Red Deer, AB. Stopped in Field, BC to see Takkakaw Falls. Got sprayed in the face. Continued to Sicamous, BC. Swam in outdoor pool and froze the baby. Slept in cosy cabins.

Day 2:
Visited the Enchanted Forest. Fun, fun, fun! Ask the girls, and this was definitely their fave so far. Drove to Anacortes, WA. Swam. Slept.

Day 3:
Got to sleep in till almost 7am this morning - I know the neighbours appreciated it. Drove to the Seattle Aquarium. Paid a ridiculous amount for parking. Headed on down to Oregon...Waldport. Had a beach-front (well, bay-front is more like it) view from our cabin. Sooooo glad to have this day end. Phew. No pool at htis KOA. I was okay with that.

Day 4:
Pat's 31st birthday. By far my favourite day! The beaches of Oregon are AMAZING! We roamed the beach searching for shells. Found a starfish that Abbey wanted to take home - Braeden grabbed it. It moved! Then all the girls shrieked that it was alive and a nice man passing by tossed it back in the water for us (Pat's arms were full of baby). I would come back here again, definitely. We wanted to visit the dunes, but try renting an ATV to fit 7... Spent the night in Eureka, CA. It was fr-eeeeee-zing! Kids decided on hay ride rather than swimming (sad little hay ride around the campground). LOL.

Day 5:
Rocked the road trip today! We travelled the Avenue of the Giants - those redwoods are awesome. (Decided the Suburban with the car-top carrier was NOT going to fit in the drive-through tree.) We decided to take an extra hour for the sake of experience. Drove the Golden Gate Bridge. This was astounding! Woweee!!! Then we pushed hard to Reno. Arrived at the family's place around 10pm. Kicking back with a glass of wine...

Over these past few days I am just in awe of God's creation. We have come many kilometres (or miles, in local terms), and the wonders we have seen cannot be adequately described in words or pictures. The Rocky Mountains, lush green forests, oceans and cliffs, monstrous trees, vineyards and orchards, rocky desert... Each state line brings with it a whole new terrain, and as we move along we simply praise Him...


  1. This sounds like a dream to me.
    Redwoods, starfish, mountains, and oceans.
    I would love to travel. The redwoods have been a life long wish.
    Thank you for sharing.

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