Friday, July 4, 2008

How Embarrassing...

As part of my new weight loss challenge, there are weekly prizes. Yay! I mean, who isn't motivated by the possibility of winning something awesome?! In order to get an extra entry into this week's prize draw, we've all been challenged to share and embarrassing exercise moment. Great. Nothing I love better than embarrassing myself publicly - again. But the competitor in me won't let me pass up this chance.

First, I should tell you that I lost a pound this week. Again I say Yay! That leaves an official 10lbs to goal (and maybe more after that, but I'll just focus on one goal at a time).

So, I used to work out at a local gym that is just for women. It was really nice - I felt totally secure and comfortable among the women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. My favourite form of exercise was the step classes. I used to be in dance (long, long ago), so I enjoyed the choreography and fast pace.

As my confidence grew each week, I put my step a little bit closer to the front. After a couple months, I felt confident enough to place my step front and centre (of the beginner class, lol). So there I am, step up - step down - sashay - kick - and so on. I am lookin' good! Uh-huh. I start adding a little bouncy-jump to my steps (this is called propulsion, and it gives the 'advanced' stepper a tougher workout). Here we go, I'm awesome.

It's near the end of the class, and we're putting all the little choreographed pieces together. There are 3 or 4 sections. This is my favourite part. I know my stuff. I'll rock it out. Uh-huh. We're going through it about five times before the cool down. Third time through, I lost my rhythm a bit. I missed a step. No biggie. I rock. Here we go, got my rhythm back. And...


As I was propelling myself up, I must have propelled myself forward. When my left foot was coming down to the step, only the edge of my heel made contact. My ankle rolled off the step, my leg buckled, I slipped and fell on my hip, and the step clattered into it's separate pieces. And yes, I was

After that little incident, I took a couple weeks off from the classes. When I returned, I firmly parked my step in the back corner.


  1. Oh Dear! Are you my twin? I seem to do stuff like that! I sure hope you weren't hurt!

  2. that's HILARIOUS!!!! that is so something i would do. i can't take step classes for that very reason. man, sorry bout the wipeout! very funny story though! congrats on the weight loss!!


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