Friday, July 18, 2008

I'd have no problem losing weight...

...if it weren't for junk food. Chips, slurpees, delicious specialty ice cream in waffle cones. Oh, I am so weak!

...if it weren't for five little monkeys. How DO people with kids find time to exercise? It's like 'Mission Impossible!'

...if it weren't for plateaus. You know those weeks when you level out, you just don't lose a thing even though you've worked at it? Those weeks defeat me. And when I feel defeated I eat, and eat, and eat.

...if it weren't for emotional eating. Lonely? Have some chips. Grouchy? Ice cream. Tired? A little chocolate is a great pick-me-up. PMSing? Eat everything in sight!

...if it weren't for me. I am my own worst enemy. I am lazy, then I get down on myself for being lazy, then I get even lazier. I am struggling, then I get down on myself for struggling, then the struggle seems even harder. You get it.

So here's an update for ya... You will notice that my ticker on the right has been s.l.o.w.l.y. moving. I am losing! Yay! (I honesty wouldn't mind losing a bit faster, but hey - that would probably require a bit more effort.) Clearly, I will not lose 8.8 lbs in 7 days. But goals were made to be adjusted, right?!

So now I need your help and input. I really want to know how you people with kids find time to exercise??? What type of exercise do you do? Where do you do it? What do you do with your kids? HELP ME!!!

If you're following the progress of others in the challenge, you can find them all over at Baby Tea Leaves' place.


  1. ooh great post! and i soooo identify with you. (some of these i laughed out loud on.)

    my answer to finding time to exercise is my mother-in-law. she comes over around noon every mon-wed-fri so i can head out to the gym. it's a win win. they get nee-nee time (and snacks) and i get me-time. on tues and thurs or days she can't come, i go after the kids go to bed. starting a workout at 8:30 or 9 is rough, but a cup of coffee gets me out the door. the key for me is scheduling it in and letting everyone know how dead serious i am about not missing a day. then they all help me get in the exercise time. now, this works for two kids. i don't know how it would work for 5! :)
    i would say a support network and a set schedule. that's my advice.

  2. all my kids are old enough to deal w themselves while i exercise. my thing is not being so LAZY lol

    as for all the junk food, it's very easy for me to stay away. i don't eat very many sweets anymore. i have weird taste buds or something, because everything is spicier, sweeter, more sour, etc. it really turns you off to food. i'm also bored w food, but have to eat. to top things off, i have thyroid disease which has me cutting my calories WAY down. if i don't, i can't lose.

    as for your slow & steady weight loss..that's the best way. plus, you'll keep it off longer, too :)

  3. ok not that i'm exactly the best person to give this type of advice, but, dh and i have started somehting that is win win for us and the kids. we take them to the park down the street. it is an entire block, and we let the kids play and we walk around and around. and we can see them the whole time. i know some of yours are smaller than mine tho. but maybe a stroller?? good luck and props for sticking to it even when it's slow!!

  4. I walk the dog each evening at least one mile and sometimes more....

    I feel your pain.


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