Friday, March 7, 2008


Yes, that's me. Missing. In. Action. Suddenly, life just tipped slightly to the far side of chaos. So, here's a quick blurb to update...

Weight loss - You noticed the lack of a 'Live Well Wed' post? Sorry. I actually totally forgot to weigh in this week! I've been trying to eat well, but not starve myself. And the exercise routine has been pretty slow in developing. BUT, at least 10 women commented that I was looking thinner on Wed, so I'll take that as an affirmative weigh-in. I will totally be there next Wed (hopefully).

Family - Pat has been away for work more than expected, which just throws a loop into life in general. The routine is all out-of-whack, resulting in the kids' behavior getting a little whacky, too. I'm trying to be a not-too-loud and cranky Mommy, but so far I'm averaging about 1 for 5. Boo!

Ministry - I've inadvertently taken on the job of leading our Wed AM women's group. At first, VERY reluctantly (as it's busy enough taking care of the administrative details and relational stuff of leading women's ministry, let alone adding the leading of a weekly event). But God has been working on me, softening me up, and I'm really growing excited about that, too! A few women have approached me with interest in being part of the leadership team for next year - so it seems Friendship Factor may actually have a TEAM next year rather than a couple women. Phew. (But I'll let you in on a secret and a prayer request - I'm kinda beginning to sense that I'll be in the lead position for that ministry area for at least the next year. In addition to my regular 'job' of overseeing WOW as a whole.) Fun. Exciting. Slightly crazy. Busy. But so blessed.

Also, our women's retreat is fast approaching, and the busy factor is rising exponentially! I'm so very excited about what God will do at this retreat, through His servant Shannon Ethridge! This, my friends, is the kind of excitement/stress I live for. And I am so thankful that God provided a beautiful woman to lead this year - I get to enjoy doing the work and getting my hands dirty, with none of the heavy responsibility (nor the constant last minute phone calls, lol).

So, that's it in a nutshell. Better get back to the housework - this place is a pigsty!


  1. I havent been to your site this week, as life was a bit busy but had to comment on your abundance of linky love! Wow Tyler...You have turned into a serious blog addict. I love it! :)

  2. Who me? Addicted? Nah! I NEVER get too obesessed with things. (Especially not anything involving administrating...) Sheesh! LOL! :)


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