Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Understanding Jesus (the 4th and almost final chapter)

Okay, new rule for me - anything I want to say about something has to be said in ONE post only...or if it requires more than one post I must write them all out first and post them one after the other. (I am so sorry that it has taken me WEEKS to share my thoughts on the beatitudes - Matthew 5:3-12.) :)

Blessed are the merciful...

It's pretty easy to show mercy and compassion to some people. It takes little effort to give a homeless man a few coins or a sandwich. It's easy to send money to a global organization for the purpose of feeding an adorable little child. It makes sense to give of our time and money to charities and clubs that have programs for helping those who are less fortunate. Somehow, though, I suspect that Jesus is asking for something deeper, something that's not so easy to give, when He calls us to be merciful. I suspect that this has a lot more to do with loving our enemies that it does with loving those in need. For me, I can sense Him asking me to show love to people who irritate me...well, one person in particular. Someone who (in my mind) seems very self-centred and finds a way to make every circumstance a major dramatic and traumatic event. Someone who gets my blood boiling whenever I am asked about that person or that particular situation. This person needs my mercy, my forgiveness, and my love...

Blessed are the pure in heart...

To be sure I really 'got' this, the concodance in my Bible defines the heart as the centre of one's being, including mind, will, and emotions. My thesaurus gives all sorts of great descriptive words for pure, too: uncontaminated, wholesome, chaste, uncorrupted, authentic. To not allow my mind or emotions to be contaminated or corrupted, to keep my thoughts, desires, and actions wholesome - this is purity of heart. Not simply good intentions, but a chasteness in my spirit.

Blessed are the peacemakers...

I am sensing a theme here! Again, the first thing that comes to mind is loving our enemies. Making peace the priority, at all costs. Sacrificing the desire to 'be right' in the name of keeping harmony. Not only submitting my own will in order to show Christ's love to those who don't know Him, but submitting in disagreements with other believers. Building unity and trust within the body of Christ... To again quote my concordance, "In so doing, they reflect the character of their Heavenly Father and so are called [daughters] of God." It just struck me that, if I am the opposite of a peacemaker (so basically, I act in any way that does not promote peace), I will also be the opposite of a daughter of God (an enemy of God). Ouch!

That's a lot to digest in one morning... I'm going to go spend some time with my Daddy now, because I know I can't make these changes on my own strength!


  1. ouch, that does sting when you put it like that. gives me more too work on....thanx alot!!

    that is a great post:0)

    and btw-the writing it all out 1st and then posting in stages is a real pain. at least the only way i could figure it o/ was..

  2. Wow - this one really speaks to me as well. I think your key sentence is "this person needs my mercy, my forgiveness, and my love." It's that love thing - if I love as Jesus loves - all the rest falls into place. If I love as Jesus loves I have compassion, I have mercy, I have patience, I have understanding, I forgive...but, on my own I don't know how to love that way. Jesus, teach me to set myself aside and to love as you love - totally and unconditionally. Help me to be merciful, pure in heart and a peacemaker.


  3. These is great insight. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the remaining beatitudes!


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