Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When Mom's Away, the Kids will Play

I uploaded photos yesterday, and was puzzled by what I was seeing.

I kept thinking to myself, "Who took that? When was it taken? Did I really let the kids have the camera? NO! It couldn't have been me, they're holding printed pics (in color, gasp) from the computer. That is on the list of not allowed things to do! What is going on here???"

Then, I discovered the true CULPRIT.....

No, no, note the cute 6-year-old posing in front! Try the Grandma standing at the counter! Ah-ha!!!!! Busted.

(FYI, you may have noticed the lack of boys. #1 - Baby Kai cannot operate the camera, not can he pose in silly ways. Either the girls ignored him or he was napping. #2 - Braeden and I were in Calgary visiting doctors. Poor guy had to miss out on all the mischief.)

(And BTW, isn't our tile mosaic backsplash so totally awesome??? Pat does great work. Now if I could just get the ugly cupboards refinished...)


  1. I've always said, Grandma's job is to spoil the kids, my job is to try and undo what Grandma did!

  2. One colored picture off the printer was allowed for each girl ... and well, they just had to pose. But don't they look like they're having fun?

    The guilty grandma.

  3. hahaha!! that is too funny! and too too cute;0)

  4. Wow - those are so adorable! Go grandma - she sure got some fun ones.


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