Monday, March 3, 2008

The Fugitive

Perhaps some of you didn't hear about the unbelievably stupid fantastic Christmas gift Santa dropped off for our kids? (BTW, thanks a lot Santa, you idiot you're the greatest!) I'd like to introduce you to our newest rodent family member, Tinkerbell (the kids all agreed that Shea's name choice was better than Princess, Lightning McQueen, or Barbie).

Every Saturday, Mom gets the job of cleaning the cage of the disgusting little critter cute little furball. In order to accomplish this task, Tinkerbell must be safely contained in another facility - hence the pink ball with lid also left by Mr. Clause. As the children gleefully torment follow the rolling ball containing a rodent, Mom gags and scrubs and gags some more. Once clean, the hamster hotel is filled back up with fresh bedding, food, and water for our darling Tinkerbell.

This Saturday, task completed, said Mom wanders around the house in search of said rodent in pink ball...only to discover this:

(notice the plate with hamster food and penut butter - I heard they like it - strategically placed to lure Tink out of her hiding spot)

Dad was laughing, but with the uncanny ability that all mammals have, Tink could smell his fear. She was NOT going down without a fight. Dad and the kids were sent away, and Mom patiently (and oh so quietly) waited... Ta-da!

Now that's one adventure to go down in Tink's journal!


  1. Our hamster (may she rest in peace) was an escape artist as well.
    You had asked about the recipe site. I use
    If you click on "more searches" you can choose "ingredient search" and type in the ingredients you have as well as ingredients you want to make sure are not in the recipe (maybe because you're out of it or hate it).
    Happy eating.

  2. A boy who knows the best recipe site? Seriously? Is he married? Kidding.


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