Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

My kids are pretty darn funny sometimes. If you want to hear what other cuties are saying, visit Mr. Linky over at Mary's - Not Before 7.

Heard early this morning, as I called Abbey upstairs to get ready for school...
Megan (4 1/2): Abbey! Mom is calling you to get dressed for school. NOW GO!
Abbey (6), very tired and whiney today: I wannna watch the moooovieeeee....
Meg: Abbey - obey your mother!

The 3 girls (A & M mentioned above and Shea - 2 1/2) were playing out in our green, hauling all kinds of kiddie-sized lawn chairs out there. I watched them set them in a circle, sit in them for a while, then haul them all back to our yard. I asked Abbey (well, I think it was her, but to be honest, some days the girls all blur together) what they were doing out there with the chairs.
Abbey: We were having a meeting, Mom!

Braeden (almost 10): Mom, you're pretty.
Mom: Thanks, sweetheart. You just made me feel so good!
Braeden, blushing: Awwww, Mo-om!

I'm sure there are a million smart and funny things I could share, but I'm still under the fog of daylight savings time and can't recall a thing!


  1. obey your mother.. too cute!

  2. that is funny! sis my 4yo was yelling at her brothers and said "look what you've done to your sister!" it's so funny when they unkowingly repeat us.

    i was running around this morning and had the thought of "oh, it's tiny talk tuesday!"

  3. I really enjoy reading the cute things that children say. I am glad you shared this.

  4. "Obey your mother" cracks me up. I love when they say something so "adult"...like "we're having a meeting". You gotta wonder...what could you all possibly be meeting about?


    Happy TTT!


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