Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

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Thanks to the lovely springish weather, the kids have spent many hours out-of-doors this week! Yay! For those not here in Red Deer, you wouldn't know that we live in a large close with a huge grassy space and several little groves of trees - it's about the size of 2 football fields - called a green (in these parts). So, the 3 girls are out in the green gathering fallen branches and dragging them across the road to our front yard (don't worry about the road, it's a close and everyone who drives on it lives in it, and everyone who lives in it knows we've got a gaggle of kids over here, lol). They proceeded to stick the branches in the pile of snow on our front yard. Grandma pulls up and chats with the girls to see what kind of fun they're up to. Meg (4 1/2) tells Grandma, "We're planting the trees. That means we're taking care of God's world, doesn't it?" I just LOVE it when they take the things of God to heart!

Sweet little Shea (2 1/2) is definitely two, with a vengeance! The child cries and screams with hysteria about practically everything. Her feelings are going through a very tender phase. Early this morning (ridiculously) I hear her shrieks from downstairs in Abbey & Meg's room. I run, imagining the worst (dresser fell on her, someone is trying to murder her, etc.). Arriving downstairs, I see no blood or broken bones - a good sign - and ask Shea what's wrong. "Abbey, Meggie, no be my friend! Waaaaaaaa!" Oh. My. Goodness. I am going to lose my ever-living mind if this craziness doesn't end soon!!!

Everything that Braeden (almost 10) had to say this week involved a scowl and a growl. Bad mood, bad attitude. No fun at all. Suggestions? Yes Mom, I know I need to look for the positive, and I'm sure there were some great and funny things (because Braeden is the funniest kid I've ever met), but I just can't recall anything but the grouchy mood that dominated.

Abbey (6) is in Kindergarten at our local Christian school. Their most recent class project was to adopt a polar bear. While we were praying at bedtime one night this week, Abbey pipes in, "please take care of the bears that live in the icy lands, because soon there will be no more."

Kai (almost 6 months) has been learning to shriek lately, which is both hilarious and painful on the eardrums. Hopefully I can catch him on video for next week. Oh, and can I just ask - how old were your kids when they started crawling? The girls all started around 8-9 months, Braeden was obviously later - 2 1/2 - due to cerebral palsy, but this little man is totally trying to crawl already! Is this normal? Or insane???


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was neat to check out yours too. Sounds like you definitely have your hands full with 5! Way to go on the weightloss journey too. I just started yesterday, and I'm thinking of food about every 7 seconds. Keep it up!

  2. oh your kids are so cute... how adorable!

  3. well, my 4 yo STILL acts like your 2yo is acting now. her heart is always on her sleave and everyone always knows exactly what she feels b/c she tells us all very loudly ALL THE TIME!! she is driving me mad! i am so thankful that GOd only gave me ONE girl:)

    as for your baby, that sounds early, but i also know kids that walked at 10 months....good luck w/ that one:)

  4. well, I have no idea what's normal, as I am always insane, but your house sounds like a lot of fun!

    thanks for coming by my place, come on back anytime!

  5. Some weeks are just tough! I hope he is having a better week.

    Love your kindergarten's comments. Gotta love when they bring home what they are learning like that! Cute Cute.

    Two year old tempers...something to reckon with!


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