Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Sorry, So Sorry...

I have promised to add pictures to at least 2 posts, maybe more. It WILL happen...eventually! Probably not till early next week, though.

You see, our fabulous new computer is too complicated for my pea-sized brain. I need my technologically brilliant man to do the hard work. He's busy working. Then we're taking some of his hard-earned funds to Edmonton for the weekend. So, you see how this is taking some time!

The most frustrating part is that the pictures are here - on this computer! But now they won't load to my blogger page. ARRGGHHH!!!!!

Thanks for your patience, my friends. Have a little extra for me, okay? And I'll eventually get it all figured out... :P


  1. ;)

    Sometimes blogger drives me mad.

  2. So sorry about your pic problems!

    I just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my survey question!

  3. oh i hear you girl! blogger and computers make me want to cuss sometimes!

    i just switched dsl services and here's the crazy part, i had people pc, cancelled w/ them b/c their stuff (modem and such) never worked and their customer service was lousy, anyhoo, i called at&t to sign up w/ them, turns o/ they OWN the lines people pc are using! so, the dsl that was coming to my house was already at&t, you'd think they could just change the name on the account or something right? oh no, it can't be that easy! i had to be w/o internet for 5 days! sooo dumb...
    anyhoo, can't wait to see your pics:0)


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