Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleeping with Frogs

Control freak.

We've all heard it said. We've probably used it to describe someone else. Some of us proudly wear the banner ourselves.

Control freak.

Sometimes we try to gloss it over. I can't count the times where I've thought, "I better just do it myself if I want to make sure it's done right." I re-fold laundry that my children have helped with. I re-arrange the dishwasher that my husband loaded. I re-write and re-do until I've re-ed myself to death!

Every now and then, my inner control freak comes up and slaps me in the face. Like when I try to be in charge of things I'm not in charge of. Like when I try to be in charge of things that God's in charge of. Like when I try to fix something on my own that I need help to fix - God's help.

You know those things. We should never have let them get messed up in the first place, so we should be able to straighten them out on our own. Weight issues. Money issues. Anxiety. Anger. Addictions.

We know that God can help. We know it in our heads. We should ask Him for help...let Him help. But we don't. We cling to our iniquities as though they were diamonds we mined with our own hands. We hold fast and tight, hiding them and burying them. Because we should be dealing with it on our own.

Control freak.

Are you one?

I want to share with you a snippet of the message Sheila Wray Gregoire shared last night at Girls Night Out...

So here is my question for you:

Are you sleeping with frogs?

Is there something in your life that has you miserable, that you are allowing to stay there - keeping you miserable - because you aren't ready to turn over control?

Control freak.

I was one. But with God's help, I'm in recovery.

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  1. So did you get to meet her? Love the clip and frogs! That is awesome! Oh and I have been a frog lover a time or two or ten...But I am growing out of that stage...I pray I am growing out of that stage at least...Thanks for sharing sweet friend!


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