Monday, March 14, 2011

The Reason I Love Monday

Is there anything more beautiful than the feeling of a fresh start?

Every Monday represents another chance to get it right. A new week to keep the house clean. A new week to do better with the kids. A new week to eat well and exercise.

Everything starts over on Mondays. It's a clean slate.

Do you make Monday resolutions, too?

Or do you have a different favorite day of the week? What do you love about that day?


  1. Never even thought of a "favorite day" before. Wednesdays are my busiest and therefore Thursdays are typically rough with the kids (late night at church on Wednesday night). However Tuesdays are becoming my favorite days because I get to write on those days. ;)

  2. Monday is a favorite here, too, and for those same reasons. It feels like a second chance day! I also love the days that my husband has off. We usually drop our schedule for those days and just bask in family time :)

  3. Mondays are one of the days that we dont have too much planned so for that reason I dont really look forward to it.

    Fridays however, are a good day in our house! We've made it through another week, we've just been paid, and we have the whole weekend to spend together as a family!!

    Your mindset on Mondays is one that I need to try though, thats a good way to look at things!

  4. Monday is your favorite day? I like the idea of the fresh start to your week..... but Monday!

  5. I really love fresh starts, too. Along with Mondays, I love new months, new years, new mornings, new calendars etc. I love the month of January.



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