Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here I am, shamelessly bribing my readers...

Every ministry needs a tagline. Or so they say. (By they, I am referring to smart people who build brands for a living.) The tagline is along the lines of a purpose statement, but more along the lines of describing the value offered by the ministry to the recipients. Is this making any sense to you?! Because it barely is to me...

I have been stumped when it comes to tagline development. Which is where you come in, my friends!

You are the reason I come back here day after day and week after week. You encourage me and bless me, and for some crazy reason you keep on reading! Maybe if I understand why you keep coming back, what you get here that God somehow uses flawed li'l me to give...

So let's have ourselves a little contest! If I've learned anything from having kids, it's that a small amount of bribery can go a long way!

Each person who comments will be entered to win...and you get to choose the prize! Your options are:

1. Love and Respect by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs
2. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
3. A $20 gift card to be used at the java joint of your choice
4. The Well-Behaved Child by John Rosemond
5. Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman
6. A $20 iTunes gift card
7. Make up your own prize (price limit, $20)

I would be blessed if every single one of you sweet women who read here took a few seconds to leave a comment with your answers to these questions...

I'll leave the comments open until Friday morning, at which time I will choose a winner. (Okay, I won't choose, but random.org will choose for me.)

Ready? Set? Go!

#1 - What are your favorite topics to read about on this here blogspot? (Try to be specific.)

#2 - What topics would you like to see more of?

#3 - What topics would you like to see less of?

#4 - Using three words, tell me what you hope/expect to find/experience when you stop over.

#5 - Do you stop by regularly (whether you subscribe or click to visit)? Or just occasionally?

And, the bonus question...

#6 - Got a tagline idea for me? Please share!

If I decide to use your tagline, you get to choose a prize, too!


  1. When I think of your blog and your writing, especially in the light of your theme verse,

    I think of "Encouraging" and "Training." Some synonyms for "train" are "cultivate, develop, shape."

    I don't know if any of those verbs will work for the beginning of your tagline.

    I just worked on mine with Amy a few weeks ago, so I understand the stress. Praying for wisdom, clarity and direction!

  2. 1. I love reading about your parenting ideas and mishaps (sorry, but they're encouraging) and spiritual lessons and growth.

    2. I'm pretty good with what you've got going on :) sorry if that's not helpful, but just call me a satisfied customer :)

    3. um......

    4. Inspiration. That's one word, I know :)You inspire me

    5. Stop by every morning with my java :)

    6. I know absolutely NOTHING about taglines, so I've got zilch. Maybe you could teach me all about it when you've got it figured out? :)

    7. I know there wasn't a 7, but just want to say thanks for taking the time to inspire me! I really enjoy reading your blog and find it very encouraging. Keep it up!

  3. oh yeah, I forgot, I love reading about marriage, too :)

  4. #1 I personally love to hear about your children and your wonderful family. That being said, when I feel inspired to hear about your struggles with your faith and how you easily (at least that is the way I read it) come to terms with the barriers in your path.

    #2 More relationship advise. You and Pat inspire me.

    #3 I love your blog. There are times where I don’t think a topic applies to me but I bookmark it and honestly, I will come back to it on another day as it then applies.

    #4 Smiles and warm heart.

    #5 Regularly.

    And, the bonus question...

    #6 - Sharing my faith and life’s unexpected blessings.

  5. Hi Tyler,
    I want to recommend a book that really helped me clarify my mission and it was super easy to do. It is "The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life." by Laurie Beth Jones.

    You could use the same process to describe your blog. I ended up with this statement:

    My mission is to encourage, facilitate and motivate godliness in women.

    I don't like everything about the book, but it really helped me clarify. I have used the same system with others and they always find it easy.

    Hope that helps.


  6. Bribery works great!!!
    Are ya ready!?

    1. I love hearing anything that is applicable to my life. Marriage, relationships, parenting, etc... especially the marriage and parenting!!

    2. Marriage and parenting

    3. I love hearing your personal stories about something that is directly from your life... what would I like to hear less of?? hmmm I honestly dont know. thats a tough one! I honestly cant tell ya off the top of my head!

    4. Encouragement, inspiration, learn

    5. Pretty much everyday!

    6. Using my life experiences as a mom, wife, and friend to encourage other women in their walk with God and relationships.

  7. 1. Just your real life experiences - I can find parrallels in everything

    2. Keep on keeping on...just write what God tells you - it's speaking to me and to others from what I can see

    3. again, if you're led by God it should be written

    4. encouragement, real life

    5. daily

    6. ..see below:

    Just me...walking with Him. Come join us.

    A walk with Him.

    Not walking alone.

    Fellowshiping in His presence.

    In the presence of Love.

    He sings over me (Zephaniah)


  8. #1 –Parenting, your walk with God, marriage, anger

    #2 - I think you have a good balance now and I wouldn’t make any changes

    #3 - None. You are a great blogger. Stop doubting yourself!

    #4 - Authenticity, transparency, faith

    #5 - Read your RSS feed with Google reader

    #6 – I wish I could think of one, but it hasn’t come yet.

  9. #1 - No favorite topics, but I enjoy reading about the story God has written and is writing in your life. Every life is such a testimony!

    #2 - I really enjoy when you do a series that challenges and invites us to participate with you. Those help me a lot! (Thanks by the way!)

    #3 - None. No help here. :)

    #4 - Authenticity. Truth. Positivity.

    #5 - I read every single post via my Google reader. I click over when I comment (which I need to do much more frequently! I'm a lazy commenter!)

    #6 - If you're wanting to stick with the Titus 2 theme...

    Living out the Titus-2 way, one moment, one mistake, one blogpost at a time.

    Maybe put each "one moment", etc. in a different font to make it more visually interesting. That's all I've got.


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