Thursday, March 31, 2011

Laughter, Sunshine, and Joy

I have the tendency to take things pretty seriously. Too seriously. I can get so focused that I forget to take time for fun. I overlook the simple joys.

In my times listening to God this week, He's been talking to me with that theme - joy. I feel like He's been telling me to take time each and every day to enjoy something. Just stop whatever it is I'm all serious and intent about, and enjoy. Have fun.

We walked down to the park after dinner the other night. The snow there was still knee deep (on an adult), but the sun was shining and the slides were snow-free. I spent the entire time laughing. Loudly. Hysterically. The dog looked like a dolphin swimming through an ocean of snow. The kids lumbered around like baby elephants, their feet crashing down deep every third step or so.

Pat and I howled at their antics from our perch on top of a picnic table. My heart was ready to burst with all that joy of living.

And I felt God's whisper to my soul...Find the joy every day. Live fully. Live now. Enjoy My gifts.

This morning, I woke late. It's spring break, so I turned off the alarm and snuggled in. When I awoke at 7:48am, I breathed a prayer of thanks and smiled. Knowing that the kids had likely already taken over my quiet time spot, I stayed horizontal and talked with God.

He told me, "Tyler, I have a gift for you today."

What is it?

"Look out the window."

I turned to find clear, blue skies and blinding sunlight.

I felt my Father smile as He said, "That sunshine is for you, daughter. Enjoy."

I will. I most definitely will.

What has God been saying to you lately?

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