Monday, March 7, 2011

Cravings, Talking to God, and Bathrooms

* Hold on! You may not care to read about my weight loss challenges, and that's cool. But before you just skip over this post, I thought you should know that there's some important info about our new series at the end of this post. Just this very moment I named the new series Forty Questions for Jesus. *

I don't know what week I'm on, and I've not been doing my best. I haven't gained, but I'm not really losing. I'm not thinking about what I put in my mouth, nor am I particularly motivated to exercise. Sigh.

Tomorrow, a friend and I are going to begin studying Made to Crave together. We have both been reading it on our own and finding it so encouraging and helpful...when we are consistent. Our hope is that working on it together will hold us both accountable to stay consistent, not only in working through the study, but in tracking our food and getting enough exercise.

We both feel that our "issues" with food are getting in the way of our relationship with God, and our hope is that by getting our habits under control, we will grow closer in our walk with the Lord together.

All that to say, this little series of posts will be retiring. But I will keep you updated on my progress and share little tidbits of encouragement for others on this journey. Mkay?

In more exciting news, our new Lent series, Forty Questions for Jesus is going to be starting up on Thursday and running for seven weeks! Starting this Wednesday (Ash Wed), I am going to take a pause during my morning quiet time for listening. I'm going to blog about what I learn, and of course I hope that you will join in.

Given that Thursday is our first post, and we're only beginning Wednesday, I thought I'd offer some inspiration. How about we all begin this week with three questions?

Wednesday - Lord, what do You think/feel about me?
Thursday - Lord, what are Your plans and purposes for my life?
Friday - Jesus, if we could play a game together, what game would You play with me and why?
(These questions are from Donna Jordan's Listening to God curriculum.)

I find it helpful to journal the response I "hear" in my heart when I ask God questions, that way I'm not adding my own thoughts into the mix. And it's always nice to save those answers and re-read them from time to time.

If you and God take a different direction in your time of listening prayer, that's fine too! It is less about asking Him the "right" questions than it is about simply learning to ask and listen. I can't wait to go deeper with Him and with you!

I also just had to tell you...I spent over an hour this morning cleaning one shower stall! Crazy, eh? I am proud to announce that every bit of layered soap scum has been obliterated and you can once again see through the glass doors. (Us homemakers need to share the little accomplishments some days. *grin*)


  1. I am still laughing about your title.

    Have you ever tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on your shower. They really seem magic. I won't clean without them.

    Looking forward to your new series.


  2. Thanks for sharing and that's great that you got your shower clean! I know the feeling! I would love to join in on your 40 questions thing :) I'm new at listening and loving it!


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