Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time Really Doesn't Heal All Wounds, But Hope Just Might

As time passes, the harsh sting of tragedy has a way of fading. At least for those of us viewing it from a distance.

Hurricane Katrina, Columbine, the Pine Lake and Edmonton tornadoes (locals will remember those), 9/11, the tsunami of 2004... These and other historic tragedies are but a distant memory for many (dare I say most) of us. Reality is, most of these events became distant memories to us the moment the media allowed us to forget.

More than a month has passed since Haiti was rocked by an earthquake, and the media has moved on to new news. Haiti's needs are no longer front and centre. It would be so easy to let thoughts of their plight retreat into the far-flung places of remembrance.

We must resist our North American urge to move on! The people of Haiti have only two sources of hope: God Almighty and the wealthy nations of the world. Truly, they have only One source of hope. But if we are His, chances are that He will use us to be hope-bearers throughout the world.

Haiti is THE ABSOLUTE POOREST nation in the western hemisphere. We live in the land of milk and honey. How can the poorest nation on this side of the earth ever recover from such destruction? There is but one answer - Y-O-U.

Sure, "the economy" is struggling. Is your stomach cramping with hunger pangs because you've had nothing to eat for more than 24 hours? Do you walk around barefoot, wearing only an old, hand-me-down t-shirt - no pants, often no underwear? Do you, along with a dozen other family members, live in a one-room 6x8 "house" made of propped up sticks and old sheets? If we answer no to those questions, we are wealthy.

Now that the fund-matching program by the Canadian government has come to an end, our donations are more vital than ever! The people of Haiti need us! Please, give with generous and reckless abandon. Give in His Name. Give hope.

(Just click the logo to give hope.)

Because this is one of the ways our family chooses to Walk with Him...

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  1. great post - we were just going over this Sunday, "refuse to be numbed by the need". There was a quote shared, I wish I remember from who, but talked about the media and how a quote from C.S. Lewis wouldn't be considered "good t.v." now in our society. We watch a snippet about woman in the Congo and that's quickly erased by beer and & iphone commercials right after! God help us!!

  2. You are so right--how quick we are to forget. God is wanting to work through us to heal Haiti. Glad you posted this morning.


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