Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrating Some Darn Good Blogging

Read this post and visit these gals, but don't forget to come back to this post and enter to win...

Every now and then, I find myself feeling a bit discouraged in blogging. Maybe my visits are down (stats are not always my friend). Maybe I've been busy or uninspired, blogged too infrequently, and lost readers. Or maybe I just feel like sometimes I'm wasting my time.

When those days get me down, I can always count on my fellow bloggers to life me back up. One thing that always brings a smile to my face is receiving a blogging award. They're nothing formal or fancy, no one regulates them; they are given by the very people who read blogs - other bloggers. Honestly, nothing is as encouraging as hearing someone say, "I read your blog. I like it. And I want to let other people know just how much."

I made a decision early in my blogging days that I would always accept every award sent my way, even if I became a famous super-blogger (bwahahahaha). Not because I feel it's necessary to fill up my sidebar with my own accolades, but because I believe it's important for us to encourage one another. And nothing is more encouraging than having another blogger link to you and send her (or his) readers your way. It's telling them, "I read this blog and you should, too!"

So here are some blogs that I read, and you should, too!

Just a note to the recipients: To accept your blog award simply save the picture to your computer, then upload it in a blog post where you accept it. You may also want to save it in your sidebar (because they look purty). In the post, make sure you link to the blog where you received the award from AND link up to a few (the number is up to you) blogs you would like to pass along some encouragement to. You'll want to email the people whom you are honouring, so they know they're being awarded.

I would like to pass this first award to a couple blogs that are lovely in my eyes:

Loni at Loni Bourne Photography - her blog is made beautiful by the photographic art she fills it with; she's also a real-life friend (and did my photographs for my bio).

Shauna at Shutterbugg Mom - That's Me! - another real-life friend who blogs amazing photos and thought-provoking words of wisdom.

Thank-you to Julie, who blessed me with this award (in June, 2009). Please accept my apologies for taking an eternity to receive it. :)

Award # 2 is going to a couple blogs that inspire me:

Jen at Pearls of Wisdom - a real-life friend, a new blogger, an inspiring writer.

Sarah (aka Kingdom Mama) at Kingdom Twindom - she's hard-core, gets right down into the nitty gritty, and finds God in the midst.

Jenny at The Wagner Family - homeschooling mom to five blondies, chalk full of wisdom on marriage and parenting.

sent this award my way a while back. (She created it herself! Isn't it beautiful?) Your visits and your encouragement are a gift to me, Traci. Thank-you.

The third and final award, to those who brighten my day:

Danielle (aka Mama Bird) at Mama Bird Muses and Babbles - seriously, my day is not complete without a visit to her blog; I heart Danielle!

Bobbie at 40 Shades of Pink - a blog friend made real-life friend whose blog is full of her zest for life (and cooking and gardening - amazing).

Christine at Passionate Homemaking - my long-time (nearly 12 years) BFF; she took a little blog hiatus, but is finally back at it. I missed you (and miss you)!

Julie, I don't know why you keep on blessing me and encouraging me (when I'm such a slow recipient), but again I thank you! You are too kind.

This concludes my 500 post party (but there's still time to enter to win). Thanks again for stopping in!


  1. Congrats on your awards!! I do visit your blog often (by way of 40 Shades Of Pink. Never really left a comment though. But I do enjoy visiting. All though, I am commenting now. I hope I win something -- the Beth Moore book on insecurity would be great. I'm following along on her blog for this study, but I never had time to go get the book. And I'm going to sign up to be a follower of you too!!

  2. How exciting, an award!! I'm honored. Thanks, Tyler!!
    And I'm with Gin. I love your blog too!

  3. Awww, don't be discouraged! Just the other day someone was praying (out loud) and mentioned me and my blog and that it is for an audience of one, God. It's our hope that it will inspire, encourage, convict, correct,teach, and maybe even cause another blog!

    I stop in everyday to see what is new with you, I just don't always post a comment. I'm even sometimes disappointed if I still read yesterday's blog on a new day, so I'll keep checking in throughout the day. Keep going. Keep inspiring. Keep writing. We are all watching from behind our monitors. We are just very quiet about it.

    Thanks for the award too! Very exciting, but you are going to have to walk me through all the steps to do this and that and add and link and email and post. It's all so new. Take care, you inpiring thing.

  4. Hey Tyler - I don't leave a message all the time but I check your blog everyday and love it! Thanks for being so honest - it (and you!:) are so appreciated!

  5. Thanks so much Tyler!! And congrats to you too!! I have enjoyed reading your blog as well... you are such a real person and it seems hard to find someone like that. Blessings.


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