Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I Don't Forget

I love watching my children's personalities develop. It will be fun to see if some of the characteristics that are peeking through now will endure as they grow up.

Braeden (10) loves long and hard. Periodically, he will get a little teary-eyed and share with me that he misses something or someone. This includes: the red van (our very first van that we sold when he was three years old), his friend C (who we lived next door to in our old house - more than three years ago), his old teacher, a stuffed animal we "lost," and so on.

Abbey (7)has a heart for God and a love of His Word. Her favourite bedtime reading is her early reader's Bible. Yesterday, she spent over an hour scurrying about the house cleaning up - supper dishes, toys, laundry... Apparently the lesson from Sunday school this week was about serving your family.

Megan (5) is a leader in the making. She loves to be the organizer (read: boss) of any fun and games in the house. When it's going her way, she is the most fun person to be around, full of contagious giggles and silliness. When things are not going her way, everyone (in the entire neighbourhood) knows!

Shea (3) is still fairly young and a bit harder to read. I see in her a tender heart that is easily hurt, coupled with a forgiving nature that never holds a grudge. There are glimpses of a generosity of spirit that strains against her natural three-year-old inclination to say everything is "mine!."

Malakai (1) has a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. You can see that he is fully aware when he is doing a "no no," yet he gets a little half-smile, a twinkle in his eye, and watches you as he does it anyway. We may be in trouble with this one!

It will be fun to revisit this post in a year or two, or five, and see where these five little personalities are at.

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  1. Hi Tyler.

    My mom is close to passing in the next few months and so in my hast to ask her questions and probe her memories, I spent some time asking her what I was like as a little kid. She's looking back trying real hard to remember the past, you are in the "now" and writing all these great thoughts about your children.

    Stuff like what you write here is so good for the heart of your children when they are older and able to see their beauty through their mother's eyes in "real" time. I imagine that in 50 years the internet doesn't exist. Something will have replaced it. Be sure to keep your posts somewhere so that your kids can enjoy them throughout their adult years.

    You can't possibly know all the the blessings you are providing for them tomorrow as you write your thoughts about them today.

    Bless you, ... Super Mom!



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