Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Changing

I was struck this weekend, when Pat sent an email to a friend and mentor, and he used the words "life changing" to describe the conference. That phrase came and whacked me upside the head.

God was speaking, ministering, soothing, and calling to us. Yet that phrase hadn't sprung from my lips. When and how did I allow the experience of intimacy with God become a routine thing? The guilt came...

In the solitude of the hotel morning, I talked to Him about this. Have I allowed my faith to become rote? Is my relationship with Him stale? Why am I not knocked over in amazement as I hear Him speak?

His truth came...

Are you surprised by the voice of your best friend on the phone? Do you feel shocked and amazed that she called you? Or did you simply know that she would - because you speak to her all the time?

Life changing has become a way of life. I expect to be changed. I count on it and claim it. And He never lets me down.

Each person's faith walk is characterized differently. Some have those "ah-ha" moments, some hear the rolling thunder, some have ups and downs like a roller-coaster ride, and some walk quietly, slow and steady. "It's neither right nor wrong, just different."

What does your walk with God look like these days?

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad the conference was great. What a great opportunity to get to go!

    The post is great, a new perspective to think on...


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