Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Anger

It's a palpable presence, overtaking the room, sucking away the air.
Turning the heart black, choking out the love.
Vision grows blurry, each sound intensified - echos.
The anger weaves in and out, around and around.
Taunting, calling out, whispering, nudging.
One thing, then the next, the pressure builds.
Arms spread, mouth opens, welcomes it. Invites it.
Releases it.
In its wake, emptiness.
A vacuum of silence. Tears of devastation.
Windswept and weary, emotions pool and puddle.
The Anger - life-killer, joy-stealer, pain-bearer.
What must we do to cease its wrath?
Release. Let go. Turn it over.
Only He.

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