Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Q & A

I am speaking on this topic today for our women's group, and I thought I'd "poll the audience" (of two, lol)...

What is beautiful?


Who sets the standard?

What makes you feel beautiful?

Describe the last time you felt beautiful.

Anticipating your answers in the comments...


  1. I'll give it a go...

    What is beautiful? I'm not sure if you were looking for a definition or examples? For me, beauty is anything that brings a smile to my face. If we're talking what makes a woman beautiful, then I would say that it is more about the attitude than the appearance. However, someone who takes care of themselves on the inside tends to take care of themselves on the outside as well, not true the opposite way though! (Examples of things I find beautiful: Nature/creation, submissive spirit, respectful, cleanliness, natural beauty, hair and makeup that are not fake but that show one cares about themselves, a teachable heart)

    Ugly? Again, attitude over appearance, and just taking care of self. (Examples of things I find ugly: Lack of respect, pride, self-deprecation, overly-done hair and makeup that makes one appear fake. Oh, and reptiles, those are pretty ugly!)

    Who sets the standard? God sets the standard, but I think Satan has skewed that standard by perverting our culture. I still try to look to God's standard, but it can be hard at times to sift through the lens of this culture to find true beauty.

    What makes you feel beautiful? Spending time with God and letting him grow my character. Attention from my husband. Taking time to take care of my health and appearance. My children.

    Describe the last time you felt beautiful. Wow, that is harder than I thought! I've been dealing with self-esteem issues from not losing the "baby weight" which totally hinders me from feeling beautiful. I can't honestly say that I have felt physically beautiful in a while, but the more I grow in my relationship with Christ and work on the issues of my heart the more I feel beautiful on the inside and care much less about the outside, baby weight and all. Though I'm still working to get rid of it because I want to take care of the body God has given me and set a good example for my children!

  2. We're just doing a study called "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" by Angela Thomas. In it, she reminds us that we were fearfully and wonderfully made by our Mighty Creator. While I totally identify with Hope's comment on how our self-esteem takes a beating at different times in our lives, really our Creator made us just the way we are - and He calls us beautiful.

    Psalm 45:11 The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.

    Who are we to criticize what God has created?

    I'm trying to accept, not just in my head but deep into my heart, that there is no ugliness in me because Jesus washed it away - and that the King is enthralled with my beauty.


  3. Beauty is as beauty does. Its an old saying, b ut so true. You cant really be beautiful on the outside- or even enjoy something beautiful- if you are ugly on the inside. Those ugly thoughts/feelings will just take over and choke any beauty out of you.

    The last time I felt beautiful was yeaterday. I had spent time in prayer, then a little extra time getting ready for work, fresh, clean hair, my best dress and feeling confident and productive at work. I also spent my lunch hour (it took me 2 hours) going out of my way to help someone else and make them a little more comfortable.

    What was your talk about?


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