Friday, October 3, 2008

Q & A Time

In my attempt to put off doing anything productive today, I have been surfing the blogosphere this morning. Clicking from one link to the next. Until I stumbled upon this post (link will be added once I receive permission). I simply couldn't resist!

I know that there are at least a couple people who read here that never comment. But you must understand how much fun it is GETTING THE COMMENTS!!! Fun, fun, fun, people. So, in an effort to encourage you to "de-lurk," I am posing these very embarrassing questions for each of you to answer.

Seriously. :) Ah, come on, it will be so liberating!

1. Do you pass gas in front of your spouse?
2. Do you make your bed every day?
3. Do you floss everyday?
4. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
5. Do you eat when you are not hungry?
6. Is your car always messy?
7. How often do you clean your bathtub and shower?


My answers:

1. Yes. Early in my first pregnancy, I accidentally let one slip. I was soooo embarrassed! But he didn't seem too upset by it, so over the years I let them squeak out a little more often. Now, it's no holds barred (and if it's really stinky and grosses him out, I giggle in victory). Recently, Pat told me that when we were dating he got in my car after I had gotten out...I must have tooted before getting out. He confessed that it was so horrible that he really contemplated whether he'd be able to marry me.

2. Come on?! You know the answer to this one.

3. Um, no. I floss daily for a week or two before dental appointments. Maybe once a month the rest of the year (which results in the need to pop some ibuprofen due to the throbbing discomfort having proper dental hygiene only once per month brings).

4. I did for years, even after marriage. I've now replaced my stuffy with a grown-up version - a body pillow! (I even sold Pat on the loving comfort of the body pillow - hence the massive king-sized bed.)

5. Struggling to lose the "baby weight" when baby is over a year old. What do you think?

6. You know, I feel like I'm cleaning up my vehicle all the time, but if I'm honest it's seldom clean. Five kids, a puppy... Hey, a girl can only do so much!

7. How often should I clean it? Twice a week, at least. How often do I clean it? Um, every 10 days or so. BUT, my mom cleans it at least once a week, overall I think we're avoiding too much bacterial growth.

Now, don't be a chicken. Post a comment with your answers. If you don't, I'm going to feel like a total freak. You wouldn't want to be solely responsible for my mental health breakdown, would you?


  1. This is a riot!!! I am LOL!

    1. With four boys and a husband in our house Dear Daughter and I don't stand a chance! The answer to the question - after 26 years of marriage NOTHING is embarrasing anymore!
    2. No - in fact, with all of the construction, I have not made my bed in over a week.
    3. No - I try to once or twice a week though.
    4. No - just my hubs and two year old.
    5. Not since the gallbladder was removed - I am more cautious.
    6. No - I don't like to have a messy car.
    7. You have to clean those? ha ha!
    Not as often as I should. When the cleaning ladies come = they get cleaned once a week.

    Thanks for the fun!

  2. 1. Of course!
    2. yep
    3. not EVERY day, but often
    4. No
    5. I had this under control until Fall hit us. Let's just say that I NEED to stay out of the candy dish!
    6. YES!
    7. Not as often as I should!

  3. Great idea...I hate to be a "lurker" so here goes...

    1. No gas passing on this end...punny...We remind each other that we are trying to keep the romance alive. I don't want to hear my husband "fart" so I assume to he doesn't want to hear me either. Maybe this will change as we have only been married 3 years.

    2. No I seriously dislike making the bed. If my husband is home he usually makes it because he likes the bed made. Sometimes I will make it before he gets home from work (8pm) just to please him and mess it up 2 hours later :)

    3. No, maybe once a week if I happen to come across the floss. And of course before dental appointments...I wonder if they can tell???

    4. No stuffy here...but I do cuddle a pillow.

    5. Yes, I am a terrible habit eater...especially at night...before bed a bowl of cereal (even after I've eaten popcorn) and a middle of the night snacker...if I wake up I walk downstairs to eat...crazy!

    6. Messy? I consider it "not very tidy" I empty out my garbage every time I go through the Timmies' drive thru.

    7. Yikes, I suck at this. The cleaning lady cleans it on Fridays when she comes.

    Thanks Tyler, that was fun!!

  4. 1. What do you mean pass gas in front of your spouse? A real woman doesn't pass gas!

    2. Since there is nothing nicer than crawling into a nicely made bed - yes, I make mine daily.

    3. I have a similar flossing routine to yours - before cleanings and as necessary (which means after corn or the cob or when I'm feeling guilty)

    4. Can't recall ever sleeping with a stuffed animals. Dolls - many, many years ago.

    5. All the time. Food is delicious.

    6. My car is almost never messy - but then there's only me in it. Every once in a while I have one or more of my grandkids and it quickly changes. But yes, I then quickly clean it.

    7. Ahh, one of my obsessions. Cleaning my bathrooms - and yours. I'm sure a do a mini clean 4 or 5 times a week and a total clean every week.

    Frieda (mom)

  5. - The first 4 years or so I would get cramps holding them ...nothing is off limits!
    -I make my bad EVERY single day...didn't you calls me if I do not make it...
    -I floss every morning and usually at night too if I am not lazy...having heart problems I need to floss every day...something about the bacteria in between the teeth could add issues to people with already existing heart issues...
    -ya I's called my husband...
    -yes, (this feels more like confession time)...I am an emotional eater...
    -the older they get (in how long I have had them) the messier they get...this one is still kept fairly clean...
    -Every Monday and clockwork...with 6 people in the can get pretty also gets washed at times more often...depending if the kids played in the mud...

    How reveling of me...
    Now you know my quirks

  6. 1. yes and I will leave it at ever make it...isn't that horrible?? It looks so nice when it is made, but I just seem to always leave it
    3.ummm...welll am bad bad bad...LOL
    4.NO...unless my hubby
    5.Hello!!!! of course...don't you???LOL
    6.well it is not usually clean, and its really bad when your liscence plate is
    7.I try to clean at least once a week, but usually its more like every 2nd week

    Thanks Tyler this was fun...
    oh and I tagged you....

  7. I have been reading through the comments and giggling. You girls are all so much fun. I couldn't resist, though, pointing my finger at the two who claim that passing gas in front of the spouse is (ahem) not-so-delicate...

    Shauna - I'm going to ask you in a couple years if you've started to let 'em rip in front of Wes (LOL).

    Frieda - the problem with your theory on real women is this - when said "real women" do (secretly) pass gas, everyone within a mile has a near-death experience! People, I tell you the truth, my mother pretty much never farts. But the 3 times I've experienced it in my 30 years....yikes! :)

  8. LOL...what a funny post...

    1. Nope. Just can't do it unless there is no option...but you can always excuse yourself to another room.
    2. Yep.
    3. No. Except when the dental appt is coming.
    4. No.
    5. Guilty as charged.
    6. Yes, except the day after the big clean out.
    7. About once a week. Maybe it should be more?


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