Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Heart of Worship

I don't know about you, but I like to crank out the worship music while I drive.

It's the one time I can sing all the love and joy that's in my heart without risk of anyone hearing when I hit a wrong note.

I often raise up one hand to the roof, getting caught up in the moment. But as I pull up to a light, especially a red light with other vehicles stopped, I often drop my arm back into my lap. Every now and then, though, I throw caution to the wind.

I stumbled into this youtube video, and it was exactly what I'm talking about. Well, watch it, you'll see what I mean (Note: he really gets into it just before the four minute mark). Tell me this doesn't inspire you to rock out in your times of worship a little bit!


  1. WE LOVE PRAISE AND WORSHIP MUSIC!!! In fact, all of the kids get into it!

    I loved your little comment on my blog! You crack me up!!!

    Love Miss Congeniality!!!

  2. I. LOVE. THIS.

    And how tickled would God be to see us behave the same way, just once?

    Dave Crowder has that affect on me, too (in the car, at least).

  3. If we could only be so bold as to worship Him ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

    I do that in the car too! I sing and make one-armed motions to make my kids laugh while I sing also... What memories for us and our kids, eh?

  4. Very cool...the shower seems to be me and God's meeting place (outside of Sundays). Beautiful! Wish we would all worship without reservation...what is it that holds us back when others are around...even at church??

  5. If I don't say my Rosary in the a.m. I'll pop it in the sub doing earnings. Otherewise lately I have been listening to Talk Radio about our Pres. elections coming up.

    By the way the butter is 4lbs. for $8.?

  6. The older I have gotten the more varied the music I listen to. I am currently into Michael Bubble and love all of his renditions of big band songs., I sing till my hearts content in my car only as my husband cant stand that kind of music. But I have a plan to get him 2 year old is learning how to sing the words to all of his songs. She is our little singer. I will have her sing to him. He cant refuse her!!

  7. I like to worship in my car too. Lately "Shackles" really gets me rockin' out.


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