Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Honoured and Blessed (*edited)

I have been very blessed by a fellow blogger with two awards. Julie's blog is private, so at this time I won't post a link up for you.

I debated about posting and even accepting the awards, because I so often just blather on about nothing and I just don't feel that I've done anything special to earn these awards. But then I got to thinking how I would feel if I offered a gift that was refused. And basically, that's what these are - a gift from a friend. Just because.

I would like to pass them along to a couple other bloggers, simply because I like you and I am blessed when I read about your lives.

It is so amazing that we have this tool to communicate and build relationships! I love the women I have "met" these past months, and I learn so much from them! Because I have made new and wonderful friends whom I may never know in real life, I want to pass along this BFF award to them:

Bobbie - If I had time and money, I would definitely spend it on getting down south to meet this amazing woman! We have such different lives, yet so much in common. Bobbie has even been trying to help me (maybe others, too, but whatever) plan kids' lunches in her Monday meal plans. I'm trying to convince her to meet me at She Speaks next summer.

Hope - She lives in a world overflowing with pink and is loving every minute of it! I am particularly inspired by her creative kid's chore ideas. Hope loves women's ministry and "Lost," just like me. All the important stuff in common. :)

Mary - This girl is a super-hero! She has - count them - ten kids (from three countries). She has a big honkin' garden that produces way more produce (heehee) than I would know what to do with. And I have been enjoying reading her love story.

I especially enjoy reading thought-provoking writing...and looking at astounding photography. Getting a sense of other peoples' style helps me to better understand my own. So I'd like to pass along this award to the following "kreative" and inspiring bloggers:

Shauna - I have the pleasure of knowing Shauna in real life, though not well...yet! Her photographic ability is indescribable. I love looking in as she documents life with her boys (her sweet hubby and the "A team").

Jenni - This woman has a way of expressing thoughts and feelings that can shake me to the core. Jenni's life is also inspiring - she's a mom to twelve, and soon-to-be a grandma!

Brenda - My friend, Brenda, is just stepping out into a battle for her life. She has cancer...in her breast, in some lymph tissue, in her bones. She is a beautiful, strong woman of God, and the impact of watching her go through this journey clinging to the cross leaves me weeping with joy and pain.

* If you choose to accept your award, you can write a post about it and pass the award along to other bloggers you love. (Let them know by commenting on their blog, so they can come and receive it.) You can also put the award in your sidebar (kinda like up on the mantle). :)


  1. Aw, thank you! I've loved meeting other women through this blogging thing too, what a fun way to do "ministry" together!

    I just have to ask, are you really going to She Speaks? I'm considering. It would be great to meet you in real life there! ;)

  2. Oh wow...I have already prepared a speech in the event that this moment ever appeared in real life and not only my dreams :) Hehe... This totally made my morning Tyler! I love to take photos so much and it blesses me that others enjoy looking at them. Now, since I am such an amateur blogger, what do I do with this award? Does it go on my blog or is it just something for people to see here? Thanks again...God thinks you are pretty wonderful!!

  3. Hope - yes, I am most definitely going to She Speaks! I would LOVE to MIRL you there. :)

    Shauna - sorry, I'm bad at instructions. Go ahead and post about it, put the award on your sidebar, and pass it along to others you like to read.

  4. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. I am going to have to check out owlhaven...anyone handling 10 kids would have plenty to teach me!

  6. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have been feeling so discouraged lately about it. I think I will start giving her a quiet time each afternoon when she comes home from school, just the let her wind down, not a punishment and see if that helps.
    Karsen is the one who is most like me and I have been feeling disconnected from her with all these fits. It breaks my heart.
    It also makes me worry if the accident I spoke of is bothering her. That same uncle is about to go to jail for poor decisions that led to the accident and other things. I am praying about a way to explain all of this to my kids. Oh the joys of extended family.... :0)
    Thank you for taking the time to send me words of encouragement. I pray that God blesses you today!
    I am looking forward to reading through your blog.

  7. Aw, what a beautiful award! Thank you for saying such sweet things...you really made my day.

  8. Aren't bloggy friends the best? :)

    I loved your giveaway, by the way! By the time I got there, though, you were WAY past 10,000! :) Congrats!

  9. I am looking for ladies to check out my most recent post about celebrating motherhood. I need ideas from the ladies with the most experience and you seem to fit the bill. Check it out and let me know what you think and if you have any great ideas to add to the list. Thanks! You can find me at: www.blessings-fromourhometoyours.blogspot.com


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