Friday, October 10, 2008

The Day We Lost Our Phone

I wrote it on the calendar and circled it BIG. Thursday, October 9, 2008. I have officially lost my own phone in my own home.

The phone now belongs to girl #1, Abbey (6). Soon it will belong to "the girls." I'll have to get another line (or two, or three) installed if I ever want to hear the voices of friends and family again...

I do recall being in a constant state of "on the phone," but I'm sure I was at least 12 before that began. It seems fitting, though, that the child most like me in looks, personality, and attitude (ahem) is also most like me in this.

She is sitting beside me now, giggling and saying, "yeah" repeatedly. This is her third phone call with no purpose in two days. And it seems the parents of the friend on the other end have run this drill before. Oh, now they're bidding one another good-bye - I imagine she'll hang up in about 10 minutes or so...


  1. I'm sorry... I will probably never have this problem... And it makes me a little sad. Should it? Am I mental or something? I have 4 boys and the ones who can talk DO NOT care for the phone AT ALL. *sigh*

  2. too funny...
    Luckily I avoided it until recently...seriously I thought I would never be able to "reach" home again...
    My solution...
    Got her "her" own cell she could leave ours!



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