Friday, October 31, 2008

Back in Black

We invited our nephew and a couple of his friends over to watch movies last weekend. In case you haven't noticed, the new trend for teens involves a lot of black, interesting make-up (even on boys), chains and piercings, dangerously tight jeans... At least, they tell me this is what all the cool kids are wearing.

Our own kids were having a 'campout' upstairs in Shea's room, so they wouldn't be kept awake. At one point, my mom went in and gave the kids trouble for peeking out of the room. The girls were giggling over the one friend's appearance. Apparently, he had a lot of "chains and stuff" which made him interesting (I believe it was his metal-studded pleather jacket that got their attention).

Shea commented that he looked silly. Meg, on the other hand, was quite certain that "he looked cool!" (Spoken with awe and admiration in her little five-year-old voice.) Oh dear.

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