Monday, September 22, 2008

Writer's Block

I have nothing of value to say here. I can think of no creative, funny, or inspiring words. It's weird. Many days I find myself writing blog posts in my head as I go, or wishing I had my camera for a good 'bloggable' picture. I can't seem to think anymore!

Does anyone have any good fodder for me to use? A fun and interesting meme? A silly writing exercise designed to get the creative juices flowing again? A funny story that will make me laugh and remind me of something funny in my life?

It's very sad, really. My mind is whirring around ministry activities, children's schedules, budgets and meal planning (which are going nowhere). I am incapable of forming coherent thoughts not related to these topics! Unfortunately, the topics listed do not make for exciting blog material. Not that this post is any better - maybe I should just list the kids' schedule...


  1. Actually, I find the topics of ministry activities, kids' schedules, budgets, and meal planning fascinating! Seriously, I'm a planner with the spiritual gift of administration, but I'm working on all these areas in my life right now. I've done posts on all of the above recently!

    I just have to say that all of these topics are great ones to share with each other, remember Titus 2:3-5? I have three kids, so I would love to know how someone with 5 does it! Care to impart? There you go, blogging material for at least a week and one interested reader! Best I can do for now. :)

  2. Hey - me too! Administrate, administrate... What a relief to find another woman who thinks these things are great! :) You just made my day.

  3. Obviously, I'm not having issues with Blogger notification emails because I just got yours. It's like instant messenger. How did they function in the days of Pony Express? (a post there? Okay, maybe not.)

    Glad I could help make your day. It is always exciting to find other administrators that enjoy the things that the non-administrators dread!

    Planner that I am, I'm going to go cook dinner now. What are you having for dinner. (Another blog idea?) Oh, I'm so helpful aren't I?

  4. I have that problem myself sometimes. Usually if I look up a bible verse, I get immediately inspired to write! You may want to try that. Sometimes, during a dry period, I will wake up in the middle of the night, inspired by God, and I can't get it down on paper fast enough. Hope your thoughts get organized soon. I have enjoyed reading your posts. This is my first time here, and I will visit again!


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