Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Shea had her first day of playschool this week. Meg, Kai and I dropped her off and headed back home. Meg (5) asked me if it would be just her and Kai at home for the morning.

Thinking the prospect of some 'Mommy time' would be pleasing to her, I respond "Yes! And we'll put Kai down for a nap, so it will be just you and Mom!"

Meg's response was an unenthused, "Oh, that will be sooooooo booooooring."

One of the signs you were born into a large family.

Abbey (6) has started grade 1 this year. Last year, with full-day Kindergarten two days per week (and a third day on alternate weeks), she was a very tired and emotional girl until mid-October. So I haven't been expecting anything different this year...

The other morning she was quite certain that she needed to stay home from school because she was sick. I shared my theory that she was simply tired and needed to go to bed a bit earlier until she got used to being in school full time. But she insited - she was really sick!

Long story short, after some rest, some debate about television (and how it's not allowed if you're sick, because you should be resting), and some Q & A... "Mom, why can't you just let me sleep in bed longer in the mornings?!" Which brought us back to the whole tired and needing to go to bed earlier conversation. Resulting in a tearful and heartfelt, "BUT I'M NOT TIRED!!!!"

Sure kid, whatever you say.

We had guests for dinner this weekend (which was really fun, by the way). The girls nibbled from their plates and asked to be excused from the table. Braeden (10) ate 3 generous helpings as quickly as humanly possible. But he decided to stay at the table with the grown-ups.

Our guests asked him a few questions about school and racing... Twenty minutes later, after none of us were able to get a word in edgewise, Pat and I were giggling about the tougher aspects of a large family - some kids obviously don't get to talk (and listened to) nearly enough.

Shea (3), telling me about how much fun her first day of playschool was. "And we did a painting, and I played with babies, and I like my teachers, and I rode a car, and I ate all my snack, and I made a friend." Breath. I jumped in to ask her friend's name. "Ummmm, I 'get. But I played with blocks, and I did a puzzle, and I singed a song, and I...."

For a couple months, Kai (almost 1) has been making certain sounds in certain situations that make me think he's talking. But I don't want to be one of those moms who acts like her kids is the most brilliant. I know, I know.

Anyway, I have now decided that he is DEFINITELY saying "hi." Anytime anyone enters a room, he says "eye!"

Other things I suspect he is saying (though few of these words sound quite like the actual words)...

Braeden - Baaaaaa!
Daisy - Day
Dad - DA!
Mom - Mamama
Off (command we say to the dog, loudly and often) - Ah

And a two-word phrase that he's been saying for a couple months - "eye DA!" Every day at about 5:15pm...

You know, he really is the most brilliant baby out there...

Click the picture for more Tiny Talk.

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  1. No doubt! He is BRILLIANT! Love it.

    Just when we think they'd like sometime alone with mommy...LOL.

    Hope the school year is going well. I try to convince mine that they are tired, but I get the same sort of round and round conversation!


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