Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After months of reading books, I can finally return to my regularly scheduled programming. That's right, people, it's season premier month!

Here's what I'll be watching:
Tonight and every Tuesday - House
Thursday this week, maybe a few others - Survivor
Wednesdays, always (starting on the 24th) - NCIS
And here's my big ticket day...
Thursdays (starting on the 25th) - ER (didja hear Carter's coming back???), Grey's Anatomy, and the Office

Unfortunately, we must wait for Tuesday, October 14th for Eli Stone. And - get this - sometime early 2009 for Lost! What these people do to me...

If you want to see when you're favourite shows start back up, visit the TV Addict (he even has printable calendars, though I'm not sure about time zones).


  1. Ohhhhh yeah! House, Office are my faves! Hoping Heros will be good and I've been likin' Eli Stone too. Why do they make us wait so looooong......? :-/

  2. We don't watch TV, but we do rent videos. Somehow, at the video store, we picked up House and Heroes. We're totally and completely hooked. So now we just watch them online, unfortunately a week after they air.


  3. Why does Lost do this to us? I get so upset about it!!! Waiting until 2009!

  4. Oh!!! I love House, too. That show has me addicted! I liked Gray's Anatomy for the last few seasons, but last season's ending left me wondering if I would even watch it this go-round. Haven't decided yet!


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