Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Good Day

Pat's away this week. He was away last week, too.

It isn't supposed to be this way, but sometimes things just don't go as planned.

So it's the busiest two weeks of the ministry year, the kids are all exhausted from returning to the school routine, we have a new puppy, and I'm single parenting (but with the privilege of being home).

I was expecting that I'd be a mess by tomorrow, desperate for Pat's return so I could run away. It would be easy to let it happen...

Instead, I decided to take advantage of possibly our last day of lovely weather. We went for a walk. The dog walked me, the kids took turns walking the stroller (and the dog for brief periods). We had a grand adventure - saw two mule deer leaping in the grass and through the trees; found a new playground (very far from home), discovered a patch of wild sunflowers (which apparently housed a million "tarantulas").

When we got home and I looked at the clock - we had been out for an hour and twenty minutes! Everyone is blissfully exhausted and on their way for an early bedtime. The happy exercise endorphins are pumping through my brain and body and I'm feelin' good.

It's a good life - even on those weeks that might be difficult.

Thank-you, Lord, for turning what the enemy could have used for evil into something good.


  1. Very cool, praise God for your happy heart this evening!

  2. awesome. so glad i had a chance to read your blog today. i had a rough start to this morning and did something fun to lighten the mood and start the schooling. but then it started going back down hill and i keep trying not to let it(!)

    your post is encouraging..erm, well except for the tarauntula part!!

  3. I think they were just daddy long legs, lol. :)

  4. ya, they're all in the same grouping for me: yuck-freak-me-out-ewy-gross-scary-make-me-feel-buggy!


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