Monday, September 1, 2008

Nothing is More fun than a Meme on a Rainy Day!

Here's a little tidbit for ya - I always thought the word was pronounced Meeeeeee-M. Apparently, though, it is a Meee-Meee. As in - it's all about Me-Me! Get it. Who knew?!

How long were your labors?
#1 - From first contraction (because that's how you count it with the first baby) till delivery - 21 hours.
#2 - From first contraction (because that's how you count it when you're induced) till delivery - 6.5 hours.
#3 - From first contraction (because that's how you count it when you go from sleeping to active labour) till delivery - 5.5 hours.
#4 - From definite, for sure, active labour (because that's how you count it when you go in and out of labour for 5 days) till delivery - about 4-5 hours.
#5 - From due date (because that's how you count it when you've had 5 kids all past their due date) till birth - 2 days. Or same as above (but make it on and off labour for a week) - about 6-7 hours. Really, though, it went hard on and off for about 30 hours. Thank you, back labour! Ugh.

How did you know you were in labor?
#1 - Regular contractions, gradually getting stronger and closer together. Combined with baby dropping about 30 cm in one contraction!
#2 - Well, the cervadil kicked in good and hard.
#3 - Ouch! Okay, I'm awake now. Ouch! Again? Already? Better get that hospital bag!
#4 - Sadly, I knew but didn't know. Went for a prenatal visit in labour, doc said "see ya tonight," went home, stopped. About 5 days later I saw her again, in tears...she took pity and did the whole stretchy thingy. Really did see her later that night.
#5 - Same sad story as above, but the stretchy thingy (3 times) never helped. Danged baby hanging out sideways! Eventually, things got going...and with a few hours of acrobatics, danged baby turned the right way and ta-da!
FYI - I've read a few who said their water broke. Really? What is that?! That only happened naturally for me with #2, as she was making her grand appearance.

Where did you deliver?
Hospital, every time. I like the security of being around all that handy medical equipment. As it turns out, all that equipment was necessary a couple times. #1 needed x-rays right away (eventually we discovered he has Cerebral Palsy). #s 3 and 4 had some serious meconium that needed suctioning. I had a hemorrhage after #3 as well - didn't need blood, but oxytocin and painful uterine massaging were required.

Yes, yes (but unnecessarily, as she arrived about 4 minutes later), yes (ditto), no, and no.

Praise the Lord, not a one.

Who delivered?
My awesome doc (who has been mine since I was 14), the nurse (see the above 4 minute thing), a different doc b/c we moved away for a while (she was there nice and early after I warned her about the last one), mine again, and some other dude (mine was away - how rude).

If you want to play along with this meme, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog, and leave your link over at Rocks In My Dryer. You can have lots of long weekend fun (labour stories on labour day, haha) clicking through other stories, too!


  1. Just found your blog and immediately looked up the verse in Titus - LOVE it. Wow. I guess I'm full of looking stuff up today; I went to Wikipedia this morning and searched meme and I think it says its Meee-m, but who knows if wikipedia is hip to blog lingo? Not me, this was my first one! LOL. Stay Blessed! ~Whitney

  2. here's a meme i like! thanx for sharing your birthing experieinces:)


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