Monday, September 8, 2008

Doing Life Together

For a while now, Pat and I have been looking for ways to connect on a spiritual level. We're both growing, but it's more of an individual experience - I grow and serve, he grows and serves, sometimes we talk about how we're each growing and serving... We don't' think that's what God intended when He thought it would be good for Adam to have a wife. In fact, we're pretty darn certain that He's got a bigger, better, and more exciting plan for mixing up marriage, love, and spiritual growth!

Last night we tried something new. (Get your mind out of the gutters, people!) We joined a life group. Your Church might call it something different, but basically it's a group of people that meet together weekly. Our Church has a fairly loose definition of a small group... Some do in-depth Bible studies together, some just hang out, and lots do something in-between. It doesn't really matter what 'material' is covered. The point is to 'do life' together.

Pat and I left with the knowledge that this is the group for us! It was so comfortable, and everyone was really real. You know? The guys hung out on the deck while they flipped burgers, and they cut right through the niceties - they were talking about their spiritual walks, how much they read their Bibles, their biggest struggles. The women didn't get quite so deep and personal (I think, by nature, we're more guarded - read: insecure), but we had a wonderful time getting to know one another.

We have debated about trying to find a group for this past year. It's hard to figure out how we can fit yet another weekly commitment into our family schedule. But we are no longer satisfied with living separate spiritual lives. So other sacrifices may need to be made. I might have to bid farewell to the women's Bible study I attend weekly. Maybe we'll have to take less "date nights." (That doesn't mean we won't still have date nights - we'll just need to be creative about making it a special and fun time together at home. Even our budget would appreciate that change.)

If you are not a part of a small group, think about why not... Can you imagine anything better than having a group of friends who are intentional about their spiritual walks? A group that will challenge each other to keep growing, and lift one another up in the areas where they're struggling? I think if we're all honest about it, we don't have nearly enough friendships like that. Most of us sit on the surface of life with our friends - things are "gooooood" - and never cut through the b.s. to say what's really in our hearts. Think about it... Wouldn't it be great to have a group of friends to do life together?


  1. groups...we've been in 1 for years, and they are the best. We do ours every 2nd week to make it more do-able...short Bible study and then lots of connecting. Virtually every one of us has gone through major issues over the years, and the life group becomes your spiritual family...we've gone through deaths, physical illness, mental illness, newborns, wayward children, job issues, moves to new homes, and the list goes on and on. Especially, we've had fun, and just loved each other through the tough stuff. During the summer, we continue with a bbq once a month, just to keep in touch. You will be blessed in a life group.

  2. We haven't had this kind of connection since we moved here 5 years ago. Our church is HUGE (3500) and you would think we could have connected to one by now. We are actually looking for something smaller where we can find a couples group (our marriage could use it).
    Glad you could find this group! I hope it will bless you both and that you can be a blessing to the others there!

    ps. I've been quite busy and only just saw your new look! My jaw dropped when I opened your blog - it's awesome! Really, really nice....

  3. sounds awesome, i'm so happy for you guys. dh and i were last night talking about devotions again. we've always been on and off w/ them. so we're trying it again. i hope something sticks this time.

  4. I am so happy for you guys...
    The blessings that come from living life together are absolutely wonderful bonds...
    I have struggled in this department since moving to Alberta...just don't seem to have it right...a bad experience has put a sour taste in my mouth I have yet to fully clean it!!
    Yup, I know...this is more about me then them...
    Just not the right time in our lives right now...
    All in good time...

    Enjoy every moment


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