Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Prerogative

Last night Kai started fussing just before 11pm.

We were in already in bed (getting old, I know), chatting about our days. I looked at Pat and said, "Your son is crying. You should go take him a bottle." Yes, he's still waking in the night. I'm just too tired to tough out the crying required to get him sleeping through. Sigh.

Pat laughed and challenged me to a game of Paper-Rock-Scissors for the duty. One, two, three - rock, rock. Again - scissors (Pat), paper (me).

I insisted that PRS is always best of three.

One, two, three - rock, rock. Again - paper (Pat), rock (me).

He smirks and rolls over, making some smart comment about how I should bring him a drink of water when I come back. So I did what any self-respecting woman would do - I whined (with a flirtatious smile on my face, of course)! "But honeeeeeey, I always have to get up with him in the middle of the niiiiiight. The least you can do is take him a bottle when you're still up." (insert the batting of eyelashes)

So my sweet, darling husband rolled out of bed and took his baby a bottle. When he came back to bed I was giggling. He gave me a long-suffering patience kinda look. I decided it wise to keep my smart mouth shut. But honey, here's what I was giggling about...

The moral of the story is - even when I'm wrong, I'm right; even when I lose, I win. From now on you should just do what I want right from the start and save yourself the humiliation.


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