Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogger is Making Me MAD *edited * twice

* Edited a second time to add: I just want to thank you all for stopping over and commenting. As my mom so nicely worded, your comments have given me definitive evidence of this deficiency. All of your lovely comments are here on my blog, and I wish I could reply to you each individually, but DANG IT! I am not getting any emails. I have even added my other email accounts (hotmail and yahoo) to see if perhaps the issue is with my email server and not BLOGGER. But it is BLOGGER! Something is WRONG with my account! WHY CAN'T WE EMAIL BLOGGER TO REPORT ISSUES???!!! (scowl)

*Edited to add: I decided to make this my Works for Me Wednesday post. I realize that backwards week was last week. But if I don't get some solutions to this problem, I could very well lose my mind! And by the way, I did not receive one single email from the 3 comments that are already here. Argh!

Since we went on vacation this summer, I have not been receiving emails to notify my that someone commented on my blog.

Have you ever tried to get help from Google??? I tell you, it is theeeee most ridiculous system! You visit a help forum, you post a topic, and you hope and pray that maybe someone intelligent will reply with a solution. Occasionally, if enough people comment on your topic that they, too, are having the same issue, an employee will come on and let you know that they are working to fix your problem.

Apparently, I am the only blogger with this issue. (Though in my fun time over at the help forum I did learn that this had been a "known issue" in the past.)

So here's what I'm doing to fix the problem... I am blogging about it (and using all the nice key words that will - hopefully - get the attention of the powers that be in this bloggy world). I'm going to make a lot of noise here on my blog! LOL. And I need you to comment to this post! (FYI - I do have the correct options selected in my settings, and I have even tried enabling comment moderation, in hopes that this will force my stupid blogger account to start sending me emails when I receive comments, to no avail!).

If you don't have a blog, you're probably wondering what the big deal is. Here's the thing - if I get an email when someone comments, I can reply to them on that email. Simply put, it's a handy feature! But it's also the best way to really connect with people who read your blog. Sure, I could comment over on their blogs, but it's not quite as personal.

Essentially, Blogger/Google is getting in the way of my relationships! And if they don't fix the problem (with your help, please - comment, comment, comment), I just might have to fire them and take my unpaid business over to Typepad or Wordpress...

Really, you have no idea how important it is for you to COMMENT!!!!! :)


  1. There have been days when it seems Blogger is having problems. There are times you can't leave a comment. Who knows what the problems is!

    Love reading your blog!

  2. I'm not a blogger but provide this comment just to give you evidence of this deficiency. As a non blogger though, I find that when you email a direct response, the blogs are kind of hanging loose in blog land and I don't know what the outcome to a comment/question has been. I like it when you post your responses online.


  3. I actually typically go both ways. Email a personal response, but post something in the comments as well.

  4. I've actually had a similar issue. I left a comment on two separate blogs and both of them came back through my e-mail saying they were undeliverable to the blogger's e-mail account. I know for sure that one of them said they hadn't even set up their blog to receive e-mails when people comment on their blog. I'm not sure what's going on! I haven't tried that feature yet for myself...but now maybe I will to see if I have problems, too.

  5. Bad news, I'm on typepad (which I LOVE)but for the past few days, I haven't been receiving emails saying people have commented. Really frustrating. I don't know what's going on!

  6. I have learned that if the person commenting doesn't allow their email to be public it won't come through in the email - only a comes up. That is kind of frustrating when you do want to send an email to a specific person.

    I haven't had any trouble with my blogger account. I have a gmail email account. I have heard that Yahoo was having some email issues a few weeks ago. It might not be blogger but possibly your email carrier. It might be getting marked as spam and deleted before even getting to your email box.

    I would be frustrated beyond frustrated. Keep working on it, keep hollering, keep bugging blogger. Let us know if you find a solution...when you find a solution :)

  7. I have never had a problem with wordpress. Seriously, it is the best free blog platform out there.

    Hope you figure it out!


    ps. great FF today

    pps. you have totally lost weight since I seen you last. Looking good! (not that you were looking bad before...I will stop now before I put my foot in my mouth any further lol)

  8. I am here and I am listening! I have not been doing this very long and it is weird to me as well how it works one day and not the next. Humphf!


  9. Thanks gals! At least people are still coming and commenting, even if the only way I can find that out is by visiting my own blog.

    Louise - I have sooo not lost weight since I last saw you (actually gained back mos of what I lost this spring, sigh). And FF was great - Ifie rocks! I was glad to see you there. :) And, I'm kinda afraid of wordpress. Would I be able to bring my new design with me?

  10. Tyler, you can not leave blogger and risk losing this beautiful design! Seriously!

    I actually stopped using gmail over a similar issue. I have never had a problem using my email.


  11. Thanks for answering that, Judi. I guess it's settled then...because I'm never leaving my design!

    Unfortunately, the problem is not with gmail at all, it's not sending to my home email. Grrrrr!

  12. Hmmm, did you get this comment? I changed all my settings and then reapplied them. Weird, but it emails me when someone comments!

  13. Nope. And I even added my hotmail and yahoo mail accounts to the list of emails that can/should receive comment notification. Didn't get the email at any of them.

    Why does blogger hate me?!!!

  14. I have not had this particular problem but other irritations with Blogger. Every time I add photos or video to a post and go back to edit it later, carriage returns are doubled throughout the post and I have to manually take them out. And that's only one frustration. Dh keep telling me to contact Blogger but I know it would only frustrate me further and waste my time.
    Hopefully you can get this figured out soon! In the meantime, I think you know that my email is


  15. Good luck sorry it is not working...

  16. wow..lots of action going on here...I miss one day to get a tooth pixed and this is what I find...
    Good luck girl!

  17. girl, don't even get me started on blogger. but i agree, you cannot leave this beautiful design:) but that was an issue i had w/ blogger for over a year. i would sporadically get emails notifying me when comments had been left. sorry, i know that doesn't help you any!!


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