Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I'm joining in at Not Before 7 again this week, for my favorite bloggy carnival. If you want to read more tiny talk stories, or if you'd like to join in, just click the picture to the left.

TTT is a place for us to share the cute, brilliant, funny, and wise-beyond their years things that our kids say throughout the week. This week (Mary, forgive my departure from tradition), rather than sharing the JOYS of parenting 5 adorable rugrats, I am looking for some tips in dealing with the not-so-cute things they sometimes say. Comments much appreciated!!!

Here's what I have heard an awful lot of this week...
"I hate you!"
"I don't like you!"
"You're stupid!"
"You're a mean lady!"

No, this isn't the first time I've heard such things shouted (directed to one another AND/OR to me). And no, we didn't have a terrible, horrible, no good, really bad week. Overall, our last week was actually quite fun. Except when certain people got angry, then things were not so much fun.

I have, of course, attempted my own feeble methods of nipping this in the bud. And if I'm consistent, perhaps it will work. That being said, I'd really like to have a back-up plan or six. So please - share your Mommy wisdom! What would you do if your kiddos were talking this way? Or what have you done to deal with it in the past (please tell me that I'm not the only one)?

Thanks, girls. God bless you all.

Aw, I couldn't end on such a bummer. So here's a cute little tidbit for ya...
Our littlest one is 7 months old now - today, actually (and crawling like a maniac, yikes!), and his big brother is still pretty darn pleased that he finally got another boy in the family. So pleased, in fact, that he only refers to him by the name "Little Brother." I realized today, listening in on big boy entertaining little boy, that I cannot think of a single occasion in the past 7 months where Braeden has referred to the baby (Malakai, or Kai) as anything other than Little Brother. Oh, and he's already making plans to give Little Brother his race car bed as soon as he's big enough for it. Phew, what a relief for me because I was concerned that he'd still be sleeping in that silly race car at the age of 20! And if you were wondering, it's a twin sized race car, not one of those itty-bitty toddler ones - it would be really funny to see a 10-year-old squish himself into one of those, lol.


  1. That is too funny about the little brother thing cause Gabriel never names his brother by name...it is always "my brother said" "my brother did it"..
    We asked Gabriel if he know Paul's name..he said yes but it is still his brother...

  2. "Little Brother"...so cute! I hope he enjoys the car just as much!

    I have no words of wisdom for you. With my oldest being only 5, we haven't gotten too deep into that jungle....yet.

  3. Sweet brothers!
    I will think on your dilemma and see if something pops into my mind. 2 immediate thoughts: first, we've noticed that the exact method of discipline for an issue is less important than the consistency in using it. so hang in there and keep being consistent; second, Hebrews 12:11 comes to mind. I'm guessing the rude comments are coming to you when you've corrected them or said no to something. I can tell if one of my kids has not "gotten his heart right" if he comes back to me with a comment like that, or a bad tone. If the discipline hasn't worked the peaceful fruit of righteousness, then it's not over yet.
    Hang in there - He who promised is faithful. Above all, pray for wisdom and the God of wisdom will give it to you.


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