Sunday, April 6, 2008

On Friendship

What do you do when a treasured friendship changes shape?

Do you cling and pray with all your might? Risk seeming stupid, pathetic, desperate even, to try to retore what is fading into the mist?

Do you allow the distance to grow, slowly spreading you further apart, making conversations more superficial, until neither of you bothers to try conversing any longer?

How do you deal with it when it feels like one friend is pulling (or pushing) away? Do you simply accept it and move on? But how is that even possible? How can you just 'move on' from a relationship that has been a part of your very being for as long as you can remember?

If it ends, or is forever changed, how do you survive? Is it possible to ever find true, real, deep, and normal again?


  1. If you find the right answer ~ which I'm not sure is possible ~ let me know! I'm struggling with the same issue right now with a dear friend. I hope and pray that you (as well as myself) will be able to keep the friendships strong.

  2. I think that much like everything else in life, friendships evolve, shift and change. People sometimes grow apart for a season, sometimes forever. Its a part of life. Not always an easy one but I truly think that one person can make a difference in friendship. Sometimes it just takes a few little things like a thoughtful gesture, meeting her for lunch ect. to bridge the gap that grows with day to day living. Friendships take effort. I wish I had the answers but I don't and I hope that you find that connection with your friend that you miss. Love to you..



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