Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In All of Life's Circumstances, Do You Believe God is Who He Says He Is?

* I've now added a really long comment to this, on how I have been changed by the Smith's story.

In our women's Bible study, we've been learning from Beth Moore's DVDs on 'Believing God.' I have found every moment of this study so impacting - the DVD sessions, the daily study, the way God is speaking through it all. The message is so beautiful, on an issue many of us wrestle with, that it must be shared. But I have struggled with finding the words to share what I'm learning (especially without plagiarising, since I can't possibly say it better than Beth). If you're looking to grow but don't have time for a study group, I'd encourage you to check out the online study (it's only $20).

There is a family that I've been praying for over the past few months. I found them here in bloggyland. Their experience has been speaking right to the heart of this issue of faith... Believing in times of crisis. A bloggy friend posted their story today, and I decided to follow suit.

I can't possibly do justice to their story in my own words, so I really encourage you to take time to watch the video (it's about 20 minutes), or read their blog (they've provided a link to start at the beginning). Basically, Todd and Angie Smith were expecting daughter #4, when their world was rocked. They learned that she had no chance of survival outside the womb. Angie has blogged their journey, and shared her faith ups and downs throughout. They still believe God, though they don't have baby Audrey with them on this earth. I hope that their story will touch you in your heart, in your faith.

I would like to hear how their story impacts you. I'll share mine in a comment... (Go ahead, post as long a comment as you need.)


  1. Powerful blog. I am exhausted from crying right now, but oh so moved. I'll be back to read the rest. Thanks for the link.

  2. I had been following this story for a couple months, and had been preparing and praying about April 7 - Angie's c-section date. It was a Monday.

    Before I left the house for our women's Bible study, I checked for updates. The latest post by Angie's friend Jess told us that Audrey had been born and was breathing! Praise the Lord.

    I got home about 3 hours later, and the moment my sitter walked out the door I clicked to open "Bring the Rain." Wham! I knew it was coming, but I was beyond devestated that Audrey had passed.

    I was weeping and praying for this family, and was overwhelmed with images of my own five children. I envisioned Angie cradling baby Audrey, knowing their time was limited, and simply loving her. In cut images of me hustling my children out the door and into the van, yelling at them to stop arguing.

    Then I recalled a friend of a friend who recently had a baby with a terminal diagnoses. The doctors were not optimistic that he'd see his first birthday. I imagined this mom's opportunity to show nothing but love, knowing that she had but a few short months. Another image sliced in, of someone asking me to read a story and my reply, "not right now, I'm busy. Maybe later."

    God put me on my face that night, literally. (By the way, I really need to shampoo my carpets. Yuck!) He contrasted the loss of these families with the abundance in mine, and He told me that my time could be just as limited as theirs - they simply had advance warning. Every. Single. Moment. Could be our last.

    I had one week of peace, joy, and love in this home. I took extra time to snuggle. I disciplined rather than nagged. I did not yell - at all. Though this state of near-perfect family interaction lasted only one short week, we have not returned to what we were (rather, I have not returned to what I was).

    Whenever I feel irritation and aggravation creeping up, God finds a way to remind me of how I am blessed. Whether it be the song from Angie's blog piping through my Sirius satellite radio, the sqwaking of baby Kai, a tight bear hug from my big boy Braeden, an artful masterpiece presented in love from one of the girls (it's usually Abbey, but Meg and Shea are picking up on the picture-making). Seven times out of ten, the negative emotions are stopped instantly...one time out of ten I struggle, pray, and God takes care of them...the other one time, oops, old habits...

    The Smith's faith story makes me reflect on what I believe, how strongly I believe it, and whether I would still believe in the face of such pain and loss. I love how Angie tells us, "He can take it" - all of our questions, anger, confusion. If we give it all to Him, even if we rail against Him, He can take it. And once He takes it, He takes it away. And He still is. He always is.


  3. The last couple of years I've walked through some difficult valleys. Along the way I learned that I am totally inadequate, that everything I ever believed about myself didn't matter in situations in which I had no control. I decided to believe that He is absolutely who He says He is. And in my inadequacy God demonstrated his total adequacy and sufficiency. Things didn't always turn out the way I wanted them to but because I chose to believe God blessed me with joy in every circumstance. That song 'Blessed Be the Name...of the Lord' really sums it up - every blessing He pours out I'll turn back to praise..but even in the darkness, when He gives and takes away - I'll still choose to bless His name. I think that's what the Smiths (your blog link) did. They decided that the God they love has a perfect plan and even though they lost their precious daughter they could rest in the knowledge of God's perfect love for them. Their walk in this valley is a powerful testimony.


  4. i spent quite awhile watching and crying and praying and thanking God for what He's given me. and just thinking how amazing they were for not loosing faith and seeing God's hand in their loss.

    i just want to tell you how much i appreciate how open you are about your everyday things and your walk. you're an inspiration to me:)


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