Monday, April 21, 2008

News of the Day

I was about to phone my mom and tell her all about the mundane news of our day, when I decided it would be more fun to torture my readers with the details.

It is snowing outside! Not giant, fluffy, spring-time snow. Nope. Little hard teeny tiny flakes, blowing in a swirly pattern. It's disgusting! Here's the forecast for today (thank-you Windows Vista)...
Hi: -8°
Lo: -12°
Current temperature with wind chill of -19°C. Snow flurries. Mostly cloudy. Chilly, Blustery. Temperature of -8°C. Winds 38km WNW. Humidity will be 81% with a dewpoint of -12° and comfort level of -18°C. There is a 39% chance of precipitation.
(For you Fahrenheit thinkers,our current temp with wind chill factored in is a yucky -2.2°F.) Now, this probably wasn't something I'd need to tell my mom on the phone, as she lives a short 5-minute drive from me, but hey - a girl's gotta complain!

If you're thinking, "no big deal" (well then, woohoo, I've got a reader from up north) I'll just drive the point home. Pat was supposed to be driving 5 hours north for a meeting today, and he cancelled! My husband is like the postal service, where neither rain nor sleet nor whatever will keep him from his destination. As he often reminds me, the man is a professional driver. He's very comfy driving in some pretty poor road conditions. On a side note, my professional driver husband just attended a driving class last week - a mandatory driving class that his company sends their employees to if they've earned themselves a few too many traffic violation. Teehee.

Braeden's bus is running one hour behind! Now, I already have my complaints about his bizarre school hours - he's in a special ed class with adjusted school hours (9:05am-2:35pm) - so hearing this morning that those hours would be shortened further, and on a day when I can't even boot the kids outside to play. Five kids up since 6:30am + blizzard outside = can I just say, aaaaagggghhhhh!!! So far, I have mediated 3 major altercations involving bodily harm, I have rescinded the privilege of using play-dough, I have granted 4 time-outs, and I have yelled "STOP IT" twice - all before 9am. Now, if you'll excuse me for just a moment while I heat a bottle and put the cranky baby down for a nap...

Phew, that definitely helped turn down the volume.

Speaking of Mr. Fussypants, he's got a cold. Nothing major, just enough snot running and chest rattling to interfere with getting a good sleep (for him and his mommy). We've also discovered a new talent this morning. My freaky, heart-wrenching, exhausting growing up too fast baby Kai is now attempting to pull himself up. He got into the bathroom this morning and discovered that the side of the tub is just the perfect height for him to reach and pull on. You know, I was loving my little fantasy of being at the beach all summer with baby boy just sitting nicely in his one spot on the sand, shoveling it up and munching it lounging beside him (well, okay, more like turning in constant circles counting "1-2-3-4-5, good everyone's still alive"). Farewell, fond dream, farewell.

Well, as riveting as I'm sure my play-by-play has been, I must run and referee another shouting match. Nothing better than a joint birthday party where 2 kids get lots of new toys that they love lord over the other kids with no new toys to bring out the joy in every family!


  1. Since when did he start crawling? Let alone pulling up!! The last time I seen him he was still a rolling baby on a blanket. I live less than ten mins from your front door, it really is a shame...

  2. Just stumbled on your blog, I love the title, it's the verse on my heart these days!

    Love the blog,

  3. that's too funny! and as bad as this sounds, i'm glad to hear that someone elses kids fight(!) mine are like freaks sometimes the way they bicker w/ each other, it stresses me out like mad!

    i do the same thing at the beach, but w/ 2 less:)

  4. I enjoyed the update. I cant believe it is snowing in your area! In April! That is just amazing to me! Today it was 86 (or somthing...) here and my hair is so frizzy. I am uncommonly interested in what the weather is doing! Rivitting update.

  5. ...and these are the days that make us mommy ;)


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