Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Megan (almost 5) is a fan of big words. If she hears me use a big word on some occasion, you can be guaranteed she'll try it out, too. Overheard as she was playing with her sisters this week: "Oh my, it is simply gorgeous!" (She pronouced the word with a lovely 'fancy lady' voice, so it came out more like gohahgeous.)

Shea (almost 3) is the 4th of 5 children. I am beginning to suspect that she has no ability to play alone. The other day, everyone was a school and the baby was napping, but I could hear Shea talking away. In fact, she was bossing (something she never gets to do with her big sisters), "You get over here, NOW!" A while later as we load into the van I hear her saying, "You sit here, and you sit here." When asked who she was talking to (also asked on another occasion by Grandma) she replied, "I'm talkin' to my girlfriends" (her emphasis made it sound more like GIRLfriends). Through further investigation I have discovered that there are 2 girlfriends who remain unnamed. At least we don't need to worry about Shea being bored or lonely next year when Meg goes to kindergarten - she'll just fabricate her own playmates!

One thing that I've never mentioned here because it's so normal to hear is one of Braeden's (10) favorite things to say. It occurred to me that it really is quite funny. Braeden is famous for getting distracted. If he has to walk past the television in order to complete a task, you can expect that the task will get overlooked or abandoned. As we often do, we hollered down the stairs for him to 'turn off the TV and do his job' (his room is downstairs, through the family room). He comes rushing up carrying an odd assortment of clothes that clearly won't work as an outfit for the next day. We asked what he was thinking... Braeden's reply, "My brain is soooo lazy! I can't control it!" Goofball!

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  1. Your kids are so cute and adorable. I can just see the whole picture with Shea and her friends to boss around . Braeden's saying is amazingly funny !!! Enjoy the kids --- Peggy

  2. Oh girl, your house sounds like so much fun! I love your 10 year old's comments!!!

    BTW...I am in MD, but publish the night before with the next AM's date. All posts are dates 7 AM when I am organized about blogging. (not always...ha ha ha)

    I'd reply to your comments, but do you know you are a "no-reply"? If you want that to change, go to your "edit my profile" in blogger. Check the box that says, "show my email address" and then people can reply to your comments.

    It is the BEST way to get to know people out there in blogging world.

    Now, if you don't want anyone to have your email, go create one in gmail...i am notbefore7 at gmail dot com. That way it is an email for just blogging.

    Ok - enough, but I have thought many times that i wanted to respond to your thoughtful comments!

  3. sis has imaginary friends too. on thursdays when it is just her and i here, she can often be found playing w/ them.

    too cute!


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