Monday, July 18, 2011

My Undoing

Did I mention that we're going to Grand Goave, Haiti this winter?

(On the map, look left of Port-au-Prince. See Petite Goave? It's somewhere near there.)

Pat went in the falls of 2009 and 2010. He fell in love. So did I.

My heart split wide open for the Haitian people by sharing in Pat's experience. I think perhaps this trip will be my undoing.

I think I probably need to be undone.

Is there a place or people group that you love beyond all reasonable explanation?


  1. God has filled our hearts with love for the Filipino people. That is why we have been living among them for over 3 years.

    God bless your trip to Haiti.

  2. Most definitely! Thailand!!! As I tell my friends, I dream about people I have never met and long for a land I have never seen. This could only be from God...:)

    I know that God will take me and my family there one day....I believe!

  3. India. And I have no idea why. I know that if I go to India, it will break my heart, yet I still have a burning desire to go be among these people and share Christ with them. Spouse thinks I'm crazy because he also knows that it will break my heart. He might be right. LOL

  4. Thank you Lisa, Nicolette, and Lily. Your hearts are so beautiful. You inspire me!


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