Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Share the Love

Ever struggle with jealousy when you see others succeeding where you're struggling? No? It's just me? Well then, you probably won't need to read this post. But I sure did!

When Grown-Up Sibling Rivalry Rears Its Ugly Head

If you're a developing speaker (like me), you've probably wondered the same question I posed...How in the world do I generate word of mouth when I'm speaking only a few times a year? Sheila answered my question in one of the most informative blog posts I've ever read!

How to Use Photos to Get the Word Out

So how 'bout you go check out these posts, mkay?!

Because I got nothin' for ya today. Nope. Lazy day. Baking cookies via a big, rolled tube of dough and watching TV.

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