Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Pitch

In the wanna-be author world, there are three things of utmost importance:

1. Great writing
2. A growing platform
3. A fantastic pitch.

I'm working on #s 1 and 2 daily, but #3 is one that only gets used when you actually have the opportunity to meet with Agents and Publishers. Since my last meeting with anyone in the publishing world was at She Speaks nearly a year ago, my pitch has gotten a little rusty.

Thankfully, Brooke McGlothin is having a little big contest that's making me brush-up my elevator pitch! (An elevator pitch is the short version of your pitch - about 1-2 minutes in length - that you can use when you bump into an Agent, Editor, or Publisher in public. Except not in the bathroom. That is a big no-no!) And how handy is it that Rachelle Gardner outlined a good pitch for us in her blog today?!

Imagine the put-together me standing next to you as we ride an elevator to the 15th floor, with one or two stops along the way. Here I am...

(Cue music to Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator, because that's the song in my head as I write this.)

Hi, my name is Tyler Rowan, and I am so glad I bumped into you because I am seeking an agent to represent me.

I'm writing a Christian non-fiction book that I'd love to tell you about. Do you mind if I walk with you for just a minute?

My book is called Mommy, Why Are You Angry?: Breaking Free From Anger, One Mother To Another.

By transparently sharing my own battle as a (former) angry mother to five, I hope to convey two truths every woman needs to hear: “You are not alone!” and “You can have victory over your anger!” With a Christ-centred and practical approach, Mommy, Why Are You Angry? will provide women with both spiritual and hands-on strategies to help them find freedom from their anger and become the mothers God intended them to be.

I've been blogging since 2008 and have a steadily growing platform that I'm very committed to. One of my articles was recently published in P31 Woman magazine, I have a number of articles pending with other magazines (including MOMSense, a MOPS publication), and my writing is being regularly featured on Family Life Canada's website (a division of Power to Change). I was also published in a psychological journal while pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in University.

May I leave you a copy of my one-sheet?

Thank you for taking the time to hear me. I hope that I've caught your interest and will hear from you in the near future!

Tell me what you think - really, honestly, tell me! Does it catch your interest? Do you want to hear more? Is there anything you'd change/delete/add? (To answer your unspoken question - yes, the book title really does appear in red, even when I'm speaking.)

And just in case you happen to know someone in the publishing industry, please be assured that you are more than welcome to pass my elevator pitch along! In fact, I encourage it. There may even be chocolate or wine in it for you...


  1. IT sounds super, Tyler! Wow!! You're getting closer and closer to a finished product - yay!! "IF" I was to change anything (and its minor), I would take our "take a moment"... it just seems a bit redundant to be followed by "for a minute". Really - it's so minor that it doesn't matter if its there or not! Sounds great!!

    Unfortunately, I know no one having to do with publishing in any way, shape, or form... sorry! But, I will be praying for you!!

  2. I think it sounds super. Last year, I started working on one myself, but had forgotten all about it. If I happened to be in an elevator with an agent or publisher at this point, it would go something like, "what is my book about? hmmm, that's a great's ummm, well, ummm..." I think I should get to work on my pitch!!!

    I especially like the part where you say that you transparently share your own struggles and I like that you have 2 very direct truths that you address because it would answer the question of "why should someone buy this book?"

  3. So I'm going to read it when you get published ;)

  4. Tyler,
    Sounds great! Please write this book. I have spoken to hundreds of MOPS groups over the years (many years, smile!) and I can't begin to tell you how many of them, including myself, have dealt with or ARE dealing with anger issues and in turn, hurting those innocent little ones they are called to nurtured. Thank God for God's grace and love that covers a multitude of our sins. Your pitch sounds great! It is only a matter of time! Blessings from Virginia!

  5. I have been a reader of your blog, but don't know if I remember that you are writing a book. Fabulous!

    I think your pitch sounds great, and it seems like you have a winning idea. God bless you, Tyler, as you minister to women here on your blog ... and in the future when your words make their way into a book. I have a good feeling.

  6. Thank you ladies, for all your encouragement. You bless me.

    P.S. I'm getting that fire in my belly again these days... Time to really get to work on writing and speaking. No more slacking off!


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