Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1 day down, 11 to go

Some observations after two nights and one day of Daddy being away...

I am completely unable to sleep when Pat isn't here. I stay up way too late in hopes that I will be tired enough to crash, then I lay in a semi-awake state all night long. Eventually, exhaustion has to take over so I can get a good night's sleep, right?

Daisy (our Golden Retriever) has not moved from her post, laying directly in front of the door, waiting for Pat to get home. All day, all night, that is where she stays.

When Kai gets in trouble, he cries for his Daddy. It's funny, because he never does this when Pat's at work!

It doesn't seem worth it to prepare a meal without my main meal appreciator here. Yet I'm sure it's not good for six of us to survive on grilled cheese sandwiches for two weeks. I should make that frozen lasagna tonight; it will ease my guilty feelings for a couple days.

Skype is super cool. I forgot how awesome it is. The kids are going to love seeing and talking with Pat tonight!

I miss him, yet I don't. It's hard to be selfish and miss someone when you know they are right where God has called them to be. http://crc-haiti2010.blogspot.com/ They should be landing in Port au Prince any minute now...

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