Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a Mom, part six - Q & A

A curious thing has happened this week, as each post for this series went up... My stats counter tells me that you're reading the posts; in fact, that more people than usual are reading. Yet the comments are barren.

What does that mean?! Do you disagree with me, but don't want to tell me? (Of course, my mind goes straight to the negative! lol)

Really, though, I want to know... Has this series raised any questions? Anything I can help with? Anything you'd like me to clarify? A specific situation you'd like some suggestions for? A point you'd like to raise for some healthy debate discussion?

Today, I need your comments. Without them, I'll be left with nothing to post next week. Then I'll have to think. And that can be a dangerous thing over summer vacation. So help a sister out!

Fill up these comments with your Qs so I can A them (via video) next week!

Part one - it's okay to want more
Part two - 5 key principles for getting started
Part three - practical tips for getting out of the slump
Part four - it's not about you
Part five - finding your calling


  1. It's where I'm at. There seem to be an abundance of articles right now pertaining to this topic, but honestly, so many seem to offer simplistic thoughts and theories. You know what? I agree with almost everything you wrote. The problem is that I can't see my way through my particular circumstances. Circumstances that have me discouraged b/c there really is no way to change them. Your series was good and I am sure there are women out there who have been blessed. Also remember, it's mid summer. People are vacationing or just keeping the kids busy or planning for the upcoming school year or...all of the above. Keep writing, keep doing what you're supposed to do and He will honor that.

  2. I have enjoyed reading this series Tyler, but I guess at this point in life, I am super hungry for how your advice ties into scripture....if you could show me where you have found these answers in God's Word, I would be super-duper appreciative :D Hope this helps!
    Love, Jen

  3. I really liked Day 4 and 5 - and here's my question: How do you know when it's time to move on? I do/have lead Bible study now for 5 or so years but it really was more because I took a leap and just did it, versus feeling called to it. I do think it was affirmed as a calling because God totally equipped and lead me. However, over the last couple of years God has repeatedly called up others to lead (not necessarily to take over my areas of administration) but it does make me ask, "is it time to move on? Is God equipping others?" I don't have a sense that I'm being told to move...but it does make me wonder.So how do I know?


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