Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My summer to do list

1. Spring cleaning. Is it okay to call it that when it's summer? And can I still have it on my list if I'm hiring someone to do it?

2. Paint house. I'd really like to do the main floor and the master bedroom. (The kids can wait; they always get the cool paint jobs before me.)

3. Stain deck. We're all tired of getting slivers in our feet. And apparently not one of us learned our lesson about wearing our shoes.

4. Write 1 article per week (when I'm not on vacation) for guest posting and/or magazine submission.

5. Go to the beach.

6. Get the dog's hair cut. Short.

7. Attempt to do something to help our weed-infested back yard.

8. Lose weight.

9. Find lots of cheap/free things to do and spend our pennies on our vacation. We'll be driving to Manitoba to see relatives, camping along the way.

10. Begin to learn French as a family.

11. Read The Purpose Driven Life again. (Last time was in 2003/04.)

12. Do Love & Respect with our small group. (Pat and I last did the series five or so years ago. It was so fantastic that we've decided to do it again! Time for a refresher...)

13. Search for a new freelancing gig. My previous gig, writing content for an Australian credit card website, seems to be petering out. And quite frankly, I'm missing the extra cash.

14. Determine my next strategic step in growing my speaking/writing/coaching ministry. (Read: figure out how to get more bookings. Hey - do you know a women's ministry leader? Maybe you can pass on my name and contact info. *wink*)

15. Be joyful always. ~ I Thessalonians 5:16. I find it easy to get caught up in the frustrations of having five kids home and running wild for nine weeks, so this summer I am resolving to change my attitude.

An ambitious list? Sure. Impossible? No. And it helps that my goal is to do what I can. If summer ends and there are five items left on my list, so be it. They'll just get added to the fall list. :)

What are you up to this summer?

1 comment:

  1. You are inspiring me yet again, this time to go make a summer list. You know I cant get anything done unless it means putting a little check mark beside it. And.... are you crazy?? Caffeine at 9p?!! 9:00!! PM!!! Really? I cut myself off at 3p and still cant sleep.


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