Monday, November 24, 2008

She Does Dishes, Too

I had the pleasure of being the parent-helper today - this morning with the three-year-olds at playschool, this afternoon with a herd of kindergartners. (I am currently tossing back a couple of Tylenols with a white zinfandel chaser. I kid. Sort-of.)

My bestest friend ever, Christine, has blessed me by watching the little ones while I participate in this sadistic ritual, month after month after month. Nothing is better than knowing your kids are in the hands of someone who will parent them exactly as you wish, and in their own home, even, to keep nap time and such simple.

I was going to run and get some groceries between my helper gigs, but time got away from me...again. But did I mention that Christine is the BEST?! She offered to stick around and feed all of our kids supper (between us we have nine, but one of hers was at work) while I shopped. Naturally, I felt a wee bit guilty about leaving her in the cacophony of after school, so I assured everyone I'd be but an hour.

I went to Superstore (because we all know the diapers there are so much cheaper). The tricky thing about Superstore is that one must navigate through the entire section of women's clothing in order to make it to the diaper aisle. And I found myself in a bit of a predicament. After all, my need for a couple more pieces of clothing is DIRE. I hemmed and hawed for about...oh, one minute. Half an hour later I headed to the diaper aisle, cart laden with clothing. I should probably mention again how great Christine is...

I got home, we ate the supper Christine prepared, they headed home, I bathed my five little monkeys and tucked them in. Being out all day means that my entire evening will be spent doing laundry. Except... My laundry is done! Washed, dried, and folded. So I get to sit back, surf the web, and enjoy my wine. Thank-you, my friend!

Aren't best friends just great?!


  1. sounds like you have one incredible friend! You are blessed.

  2. Oh my, how blessed are you? I want me a best-friend Christine! Although, I probably would have been freaked out that someone else did my laundry. I kind of have some miniscule control issues? :)

  3. Yup, Best friends are the BEST!!
    Love her with all your heart...
    Happy you found some clothing...that is never an easy feat for me...and done in 1/2 hour? they have clothes for "bigger" girls?

    Love your spirit my friend...


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