Monday, November 10, 2008

How Do Your Pages Read?

This is a re-post from my long-forgotten bebo page.


Some things I read this morning (thank-you Shannon Ethridge) that struck me...

"So many people will never read a Bible to discover God themselves. Instead, they read the believer. (emphasis mine) If somone were to read your life, what would they learn about God? about the Christian faith? Would they want to become like you? Would they want to get to know God better because of what they see in you? ... How can we show others how much God's love changes a person for the better if others don't see us as the recipients of His lavish love? Does a woman who knows she is deeply loved by God continuously walk around moping, stressed, depressed, and complaining about life? Not if the love of God has entered her heart and penetrated her soul."

So I am asking myself these questions, and I'm disappointed in my pathetic reflection of God. How will anyone know I have the love of Jesus in my heart when they hear me complain about fighting children, or grumble about doing housework? Would other women really look at me and say "wow, I want what she's got" if they walked by my house and heard me hollering at the children about their bad behaviour?

God has called us (me) to do a big thing for Him - to reconcile His children to Him. It doesn't matter where we work or play or attend services, as long as in each of those places we are fulfilling (or at least doing our best) this purpose. He has called us to bring others to know Him - His peace, His joy, His love. This calling is impossible to fulfill unless those qualities are a permeating aspect of my countenance. Is it evident to others that I know Jesus personally? Do I reflect His peace, joy, and love in my own life? Even in tough circumstances?

These are good questions to return to nearly a year later. I will resist the urge to get down on myself for the ways I have failed to change, and am still failing to show other who Christ is through my actions. The mantle of condemnation is not from the Lord, and I will refuse to wear it! Rather, I will try to focus on the improvements I have made since the original writing - and I will praise God for His life-changing work in me. As for those stumbling blocks, once again I'm giving them over. (Maybe I'll come back in a year from now and assess the progress.)

So, if the people around you are reading you to see who Christ is, what kind of story are you telling?


  1. My family left a church 2 years ago, and there are people just now that are starting to put down our decision and try to e-mail and write on our blog, arguing their point. I am so tired... And I know I show it sometime, especially after getting beat down time after time by people I once admired. My MIL ( a very wise & loving woman) told me just today to show God's JOY. Because time and time again, HE gives me joy, HE gives me HIS WORD, when I need it. HE is continually there, and we do need to be a light for Him. If we don't, who will?

  2. I just read a Daily Bread devotional (November 3) that mentioned this is the time of year we receive slick holiday catalogs - each one claiming to offer us something we need - immediately. It goes on to say that we as Christians are God's catalogs. "We are His illustration to the world of what He has to offer. His work in our lives makes us a picture of qualities that people may not know they need or want until they see them at work in us."

    Basically, it asks the same question you asked, "consider what the 'catalogue' of your life says about God. Do people see quelities in you that make them long for God?"

    What an awesome responsibility and privilege we have. We're His catalogues. Oh God I pray that I reflect you well.



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