Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Wow, did we ever have "a day."

Took a couple girls to the doctor. They were atrocious. I was embarrassed.

Later at home, all kids were hyper. I yelled.

Now, I'm tired and crying.

I'm sure it doesn't help that I have a severe case of PMS and my sweetheart is away all week.

If you see me tomorrow, don't hug me - you'll wreck my mascara. Am I ever looking forward to tomorrow morning...three at school, two in childcare, mommy having coffee with other mommies. Thank-you, Lord, for mornings of respite.

And now, to watch NCIS and House. Because that will make me happy (I hope - it would be mighty embarrassing to be caught crying while watching NCIS...but then, who will know?).

P.S. What do you do when your children sass off and completely disregard what you say? In public? All I could think of (in my frustration and hormones) was to send them to bed for naps.


  1. I feel your pms pain! Hope today is brighter and lighter.
    As far as sassing in public...I quietly go to them and whisper that they know better than to talk back to me or be disrespectful and a spanking will be coming at the next most opportune time. Although the best thing to do, if at all possible, is to find a place to discipline and not wait. But also never allow it at home and it will diminish in public. There are certainly times when kids are allowed to appeal a parent's decision. Respectful appeals could go something like, "Yes, Mommy, may I say something?" Appeals should not follow every decision though.

  2. First of all - remember that you're not the first person in the world that has sassy, misbehaving children (I had one too). People have seen it before - and worse. No need to be embarassed. Just like Jesus, he has a standard he wants us to live up to but we so frequently don't - and I have never, ever read that he's embarrassed by us. He's just patient, long-suffering, and loving.

    As for your coping strategy of sending them for a nap - I think it's excellent! There's so many worse things you could have chosen to do.

    You're an awesome mom!


  3. I so totally know what you are talking about. If we are out and about and the kids have a case of ignoring Mommy, we finish what we are doing - regardless of how out of control they are and then we head home . . . loss of privileges would be in order for the remainder of the day at our house for the offender.

    Rest, put in an old movie and relax - that is AFTER the kids are all in bed for a much needed nap.

  4. My child is still small enough it is expected she is horrible in public. That being said I hate it that my child throws a tantrum and I get those looks (the ones that make you feel like poo). I leave - and yes I take my child with me. I have left full shopping carts of groceries and let Iz know we are leaving because she is being a bad girl.

    My other option (which I use frequently) is bribing - either positive of negative bribing helps (spankings or candy I find are the two most effective). This of course is always done under my breath so I am not further judged and ridiculed by strangers.

    So I am not the best mom, but in my defence I am the best mommy Iz has!!! You are a fantastic mommy Tyler, I have said it many times I have no idea how you do it, and if your children continue to be pains in the ass, threaten to send them to live with me where they will be threatened with spankings if they don't behave!!!


    PS Miss you a tonne. I am in awe of you as a mother. You are doing a fabulous job, don't let your kids tell you differntly.

  5. We all have days like that...don't we?
    It is actually a pretty "rare" occasion that I am not somehow embarrassed by the boys behavior in public...most people don't get it...and I will eventually develop a thicker skin regarding this or will learn to sew and write a "speech" on the back of their coats to explain "some" of their behavior in public(sensory over load)...
    Or may be I can send them to Lisa too?
    Want a few more Lisa? Just kidding...
    Thank God always give us a new day...and tomorrow is a new day to start fresh...that is my motto right now...can't wait till tomorrow...lol!
    Love ya sister

  6. Oh, we still have days like that too. Like last Monday. I HAD to get my Thanksgiving grocery shopping done with all three children. One of them decided she was litterally going to lay down in the middle of the aisle and not get up. Uh huh. I firmly picked her up, carried her to an empty aisle, and whispered to her about what was coming to her when she got home. We made it through the rest of the trip with no problems. When we got home, she went straight to her room by herself and got a switch from Daddy when he got home for treating Mommy that way. And for the next few weeks, she has to earn the right to go out in public with Mommy again.

    This past week my husband was working crazy long hours and the kids hardly saw him, so I rented myself a good chick flick and enjoyed a Mommy evening to myself once the kids were in bed. That seemed to do the trick for me. And I didn't feel silly at all crying to a chick flick, you're supposed to right?


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