Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Than Just a Diaper Box With a Bow on it

You know what I love? Christmas shopping! I know, it makes no sense - everyone else hates the stores and the line-ups and the cranky shoppers. But I just love it!

I'm not one of those people who does a lot of shopping in advance. My favourite thing to do is take a Saturday, get a sitter, and spend the entire day at the malls getting everything I need. (Granted, after the one year I went to Toys 'R Us without a list, I am very diligent about bringing a detailed list along these days.)

The past couple years, I have enjoyed doing some of my shopping through sites like freecycle and kijiji. Nothing makes me feel better than finding something my kids will love at a total discount rate! The nice thing with these sites is that their local - so I can pick up the item, and if it's not in the condition I want it in, I'm not stuck with it. (This is the reason ebay scares me.)

I have found some great things for Braeden (10) already, and I'm pretty much done shopping for him. The girls (Abbey - 6, Meg - 5, and Shea - 3) will be easy - they get excited about anything that comes in a pink box. But what do you buy for a baby who has four older siblings? Kai (1) simply doesn't need anything?! In fact, I insisted that someone buy him a bulk box of diapers for his first Christmas AND his first birthday. (Well, that is what he uses the most of!)

I need some help from you. It seems unfair for our youngest to get saddled with nothing but hand-me-down toys, especially at gift-giving times. So what can we make his ONE special gift this Christmas? Any ideas? Have you seen something lately that made you think, "this would be the perfect gift for a one-year-old little boy"?


  1. When our kids were small (usually their first Christmas)and didn't really need a whole lot, we got them a keepsake, silver train penny bank (for the boys) or a silver, velvet lined box (for the girls) with their name engraved on it. We got them at Things Remembered.

  2. I've always felt the same way! My youngest was one last Christmas and her stocking was filled with a toothbrush and pajamas. It was kind of pathetic in comparison, but she didn't know the difference and it helped our budget tremendously! The one toy that we got when our oldest was one and has proved to be the most beneficial is the Fridge Phonics magnets from LeapFrog. I can't believe I'm recommending a noisy toy, but all of our kids have learned their ABCs before the age of 2 just by playing with those things! It's a great gift for a one year old and it only costs around $10.

  3. not a good gift for a one year old, but.....Have you ever heard of Bread Pudding? It is very popular here and there are endless ways to make it.... the traditional kind has rum and rasians but no chocolate. I answered your recipe questions in the comments on my blog.

  4. I feel the same way about Cooper. It just seems ridiculous to go out and buy him a gift, wrap it and then open it for him! I like the diaper idea. I'm going to suggest that to the grandma's.
    Last Christmas Dawson was 13 months. His favorite gift was from his Grandma A, it was one of those little ride on cars for indoors. He still loves it. Just make sure it has an off switch, ours doesn't and the music can get a little annoying! If you have one of those I suggest buying him diapers, taking them out of the box and giving him the box to play with. We all know kids love the box the toy comes in just as much!!!

  5. I LOVE the diaper box with a bow idea! (Maybe wipes for the stocking?) I have been struggling with gift ideas for my 16-month-old, partly because he's still so young and partly because he has older siblings and all of their toys, and he hardly ever plays with "his" toys. I think he'll have a ball with the wrapping paper, bows, and boxes, and be totally fine with it. (It's the other kids pointing out disparity that I need to worry about!)

    I'm trying to downsize the entire holiday this year. We asked our families to get less toys and "stuff" because we don't need it, we don't have room for it, and this year we can't afford it. It isn't about getting things anyway.


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