Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Politics and Religion

Yes, I'm Canadian, and I did not post anything on our recent federal election. I honestly didn't feel there was much to say about it. Sorry.

But how can we not have been impacted by the US presidential election? The fact is that the US is a super-power, and what happens down there influences our lives up here. Rather than reiterate all the great posts I've been reading about it, I will send you to check them out yourself. Both of these posts have captured perfectly what I'm feeling.

Lysa says, "Now is the time for Christians to live the message of Christ. Maybe, more than ever before, we will be invited outside our comfort zones where living what we believe won't be easy. And dare I say, that may be the best thing that has happened to Christians in a very long time." I agree, getting us out of our comfy little places may very well be exactly where God needs us...

Cindy shares the very real joys and sorrows that this momentous election have brought. I wept those same tears, and celebrated those same milestones.

All I can say is pray, pray, pray. Do not forget, not for a moment - not when the state of the economy is getting you down, not when our leaders (in Canada and the US) make decisions that break our hearts - that God is in control. He has already won the battle!

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